New Reviews 3/17/2012

AB IMO PECTORE- The Dissociative Path-CD ( Debemur Morti Prod)

As I listen to this piece of Avant Occult Blackened metal . All I can think is this band loves Ved Buen Ende and Virus more each second I listen as they mix elements of Jazz, Post Black metal and Prog music all into a stew of complexity and forward thinking that very few 21st century metallers do. The vocals go from Snarls to spoken to deep and throaty. The music is like a dark journey down a low budget Horror film ( And I mean this is the best of ways). With The Dissociative Path there are rituals going on that many will never want or need to know. We have an album that will stay underground because of the content and the very unsettling production . Both of which are the reasons I like it so. Another great release in the crown of DMP...

Impiety- Ravage and Conquer-CD (Pulverised)

Black Death can be very hit or miss but when you mix the elements of War and Combat into the mix its a win win my friends Impiety is like if Incantation, Marduk and Panzerchrist had mixed forces and formed one great Metallic force. At time you hear the amazing classic thrash sounds of bands like Sodom and Exodus going on between the riff, bombastic drums and cold and grim vocals. Impiety is a War machine of metal and death. The solos are even just a sonic wall of fuck you. Pulverised has been getting a batch of great extreme metal releases as of late maybe Asia is the next true underground metal scene. Get this is you like you metal powerful, fast and full throttle. This is WAR METAL!!!!

Agruss-Morok-CD (Code 666)

Every one and while I sit here reviewing a new album and just get the chills that something very sorrowful and Devastating has occurred with Agruss the fact that they are not far from in the Ukraine were the worst Nuclear Accident on the face of the earth happened Chernobyl and this band is releasing there album on the day that 26 yrs ago it happened is just chilling. What Agruss are is a Post Black metal meets Crust/Grind band with vocals that just rip at you very soul and music that is as epic and sparse and empty. These are tormented souls nothing less and whole lot more.  Agruss as a Slow Death metal element like Winter of Womb going on as well its just so heavy this album words can not even begin to justify what these men have gone through to get to a release like this. Agruss are a band that will leave me scarred and haunted for yrs to come.

 Mares of Thrace- The Pilgrimage-CD (Sonic Unyon Metal)

So If Doom, Noisecore and Post Rock all came together and formed a wall of musical passion and pain then its name would be Mares of Thrace. I'm going to make this brief and with an album like this not much needs to be said. If Today is the Day, Cavity and Russian Circles are forged in one mission to slay the mainstream music world you would be wise to stay away from Mares of Thrace. This album could be on Neurot, Hydrahead or Translation Loss as much as this label. Sludge Doom is were this came from but what they are doing is mixing so much more and the answers is we all gain from a band like Mares of Thrace.... 

Ufomammut-Oro Opus Primum-CD ( Neurot )

When you have the might of members of Neurosis behind you what are you expecting from a band. Just what Ufomammut is giving you a balance of Fragile, Bleak, Power, Pain and Nightmares all in a haunting epic backdrop. It is Post Metal and its what Neurot is known for now. Primitive and Pagan meets 21st century extreme metal and hardcore mixed . There is a Doom meets Drone thing going on to this album is so bottom heavy it rules. Another band that fully fits the Neurot Ideal of post modern music. Do not miss out on this or you will feel empty inside for sure.

Secrets of the Moon- Seven Bells-CD (Prophecy Productions)

Another masterpiece from a band that impresses me more with each release. This time out they just expand on the Melodic Black thrash sound they and Triptykon (in Which frontman Tom G Warrior performs on this album) have mastered in the 21st century. The production is huge its almost symphonic in Secrets of the Moon approach. Love the harmonic solos with the heavy death/thrash vocals . Secrets of the Moon are what a black metal version of what Testament would be to my ears. There is so much talent with in this band the layers of guitars, bass complex percussion and synths in the back drop make this all the more majestic. If you could slow down Emperor, Waitan  and mix it with moments of Saytricon as well. All I can say is Secrets of the Moon are all things wonderful , dark and mysterious in metal we need more bands like this.

Fester- A Celebration of Death-CD (Abyss Records)

More Melodic Black Death with a very cold epic vibe going on here . Fester has a very familiar feeling to the music they add an electronic element to all of it as I think I'm listening to bands like Red Harvest or maybe even Aborym . I read in there press release this is the 1st new release by Fester in 17 yrs I wonder if it has this industrial elements back then as well if so I want to hear more. Fester is down right awesome in what they do and how they arrange it . This is Dance music for extreme metal fans... Damn there are even folk and viking elements going on in this band that are akin to older Falkenbach.  The Twists and turns on this album are brilliant to say the least. I will be listening to this for the weeks and months to come.