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<br />Erevos
<br />Erevos

1. For those of us who are new to Erevos tell us a brief history of the band.
Erevos was formed at the end of 2004 by Growler, Tisiphoni and Kerveros. Until today we have 6 releases and the newly release is our full-length ‘Descensus Ad Inferos’, which mix and master made by Dan Swano (Bloodbath,Katatonia, Edge Of Sanity). We have played in Greece and aboard with many great names. Unfortunately, we ‘ve changed many members, due to the fact that it’s difficult to be in a metal band in Greece and the current line up is: Growler-Vocals-Bass, Tisiphoni-Keyboards, Tek-Guitar, Abraxas-Guitar, Simeth-Drums.
2. Your Album Descensus Ad Inferus-CD is a strong mix of Bal Sagoth, Dimmu Borgir and Old Mans Child. Where did this sound come from?
The truth is that we are not so influenced from those bands! We prefer Emperor, Limbonic Art and many thrash bands like Exodus or Kreator. But we try to have our own style. Perhaps keyboards are giving an impression of Dimmu Borgir, but we think that we are not similar to them.
3. I'm also very new to your label Orkestral Promenade Productions how did you come to work with them? How is the promotion going as well they seem to be pushing the band in North America well ..
Orkestral Promenade is a new Greek label and is doing very good job. We know the founder of the label, so we came quickly to a good deal. The promotion is being mainly done in Greece.
4. How did you come to work with Clawhammer Pr a brilliant Promotion company in North America was it through the label or did you seek them out.
We found them out, because we needed someone to promote us outside from Greece. We knew that they are cooperating with Ibex Moon and other important records. So it is a good opportunity.
5. I read the album was mixed and mastered by Dan Swano ( Edge of Sanity, Night in Gales) at his Unisound studio. That must have been an amazing moment to get Dan to work on the album with you the album is so full sounding.
Yes! Dan is a great person and we had cooperated with him back in 2009, for our EP ‘Adou Katavasis’. He is a great professional and we are satisfied with the result.

6. Your label calls you Raw Black metal I would say its much more Epic and symphonic Black metal with a heavy fantasy/sci fi element going on . How do the members of Erevos explain the sound of Descensus Ad Inferus?
Really? We havent realized that! Haha! Yes our sound is atmospheric with many aggressive influences (like thrash and death elements). That is also how the members are explaining the sound. I believe that our music sounds very good in live shows too.
7. Will Erevos be touring off the new album in North America or European shows only?
We wish too! We had some propositions to play in US, but we couldn’t afford it. But we are seeking an agency in Europe, because we need to do more live shows abroad.
8. Erevos being Greek you have a long history of Great metal Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh and Nightfall just to name a few. You must have had some great places to perform and get the band seasoned for your releases. What makes Greece such a great place for Black metal?
Yes! Our regards to Rotting Christ and Septic Flesh! Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a great place in Greece. There aren’t any opportunities in Greece due to the fact that many people who are involved with metal scene don’t take the scene seriously.
9. Your website seems to be a bit out of date http://www.erevosblack.gr/ Do you feel social media like  Facebook, Twitter , Myspace is more for band promotion these days then a need for a proper website?
We update the site as frequent as we can. It is difficult to have balance between the music and the hours in front of the PC. Of course the social networks are more accessible to the fans and it is easier to spread news.
10. Is there a running theme on Descensus Ad Inferus? or just  a collection of Majestic Blackened Death Metal?
Descensus Ad Inferus is a concept! It is narrating a story of a man who fell asleep and he is doing a trip into the underworld! He witnesses all the mythical creatures in there and he must survive.
11. Erevos hold on to the Corpsepaint as well do you feel this important for a Black metal band . To keep the mysteries of old in the image of the band as to this writing there seems to be a power to Corpsepaint that Black metal bands that don't use it are missing?
It is the easiest and cheapest showwe have many ideas about the show but unfortunately we cant afford them right now. We dont think that corpspaint is important for a black metal band but for sure a show is very important in order to catch the attention of the public.
12. Thank you for your time. Any closing thoughts here.
Thank you very much for your time!!! Any person who wants to learn more about Erevos can visit our web site www.erevosblack.gr or can find us through Clawhammer www.myspace.com/clawhammerpr .