New Reviews 2/11/2012

Dimesland- Creepmoon- CD (Vendlus )

This band is truly all over the place. If you could mix Voivod with Testament and Strapping young lad all being influenced by Mike Patton and John Zorn then you have a close idea of whats going on crazy jazzy, scifi thrashing avant metal with a strong does of the punk way of making music. Dimesland is something when you hear it will know the band sounds similar but is doing something all their own. If you like Melvins or  Polkadot Cadaver this will get your blood racing with the very creative way the noisy and blur of sounds and layers are presented. Vendlus you have impressed me again with Creepmoon I hope to hear more from this band soon.

I Exist- II The Broken Passage-CD (Lost Shepard/ Prosthetic)

Mmmmm  Dirty Crusty Sludge Doom punk from these merchants of sound. If your into Crowbar, Eyehategod, Cavity and Buzzoven then this is going to knock you ass on the floor. The Hardcore vocals, Bluesy sludge and low end attack is just what the doctor ordered for this reviewer. All that is missing for me is the walls of feedback before and at the end of the songs. They good for more a punk rock element in the way the songs are recorded.  This would have been a Bacteria Sour or  Pesimester release for sure. Turn your amp to 11 and circle pit my friends....

Stormcrow- Enslaved in Darkness-CD ( Self Made God)

Self Made God has been so very hit or miss with me over the years I never know if this is a love or hate moment. Well for the luck of  Self Made God " WE HAVE A WINNER!!".. This is full of  Grindcore, Doomy Death metal and a Crusty edge that makes me think of  Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower and Incantation melding into a sound that is massive and crushing at the same time. I may even have to throw a band like The Chasm into where I hear a band like Stormcrow getting inspiration from. There is a strong hardcore backdrop going on with this band but its just a part of the whole. The full on grindcore vocals the deep kind are what we have here. Check them out as live I would have to say if they sound anything like the album that is going to be there true power...

Enthroned- Obsidium-CD ( Agonia )

This Belgium based force is what I call Epic Black metal. Over to close to 20 years now they have been making  the Blackened sound that bands like Dimmu Borgir, Old mans child, Emperor, Marduk, Dark Funeral etc have done but the one main difference is that Enthroned add Heathen, Viking and Thrash elements into there sound. Don't be fooled for a minute this is Black metal there is just an added layer to it all. Enthroned never dissapoint they are a great band I could never understand why they have gone through so many different labels. The production on Obisidium is a shining moment. Agonia is becoming a major force for the Blackened arts of metal I think this is a great pairing for label and artist.

Lord Mantis- Pervertor-CD (Candlelight)

This interested me from the 1st riff .. Its Sludgy Black metal not something you hear everyday its almost like Black Cobra and Celtic Frost got together and had a slimey hateful little bastard to rule the underground airwaves. I just saw that there are members of Indian and  Nachtmystium in the band as well. Lord Mantis is a wall of nails in the face of all that are not ready. Pervertor has elements of Thrash and Doom metal in the low end it presents as well. There is a odd off key melody going on through out this album as well. Love the late 80/90's Bathory vibe the flows in and out of the album too. Though this is never what I would call a retro album the love the past and add to it in their own way of the bizarre. Check out Lord Mantis is going to be a powerful ride none the least.

Erevos- Descensus Ad Inferus-CD (Orkestral Promenade Productions)

Wow I never thought these two bands would come to my mind when I reviewed a band  but if you put  Bal Sagoth and Limbonic art together as one band you would have 100% on what Erevos is creating here. Symphonic, Industrial , Alt  Black metal. This album is as massive as its complex and refreshing. I was not ready for this . I know some say its not fully Black metal they are very wrong this is just the next phase where Black metal can go to be original and interesting again. We will always need the raw, low fi and hatred for all things towards the light. This is not that its so much more . Mere words can not explain this band. You will need several listens to even get where this band is going. Wow Erevos Wow. This reviewer is more then pleased.

Shroud of Despondency-Pine-CD/Digital (Self Released)

Every time I hear a new release from Rory and crew I never know to what level of insanity will come next this time out its Prog Black metal with Folk elements who thought that you could mix  Slough Feg with Bathory and Tenhi to make an album that is not only a blast to listen to but also something I think we will see other emulate into a genre.. SoD is best set as a self released band as its not something a label would have the resources to promote and its knows how the underground will react to a band like this. They are not about selling 100,000 records and the band is very clear on that. with Pine they are about the true essence of what the underground music world is. Independent thought, ideals and making music you have to as its the way to leave your legacy on this realm and maybe others..