Fluttery Records Delay's Release of In the minds of Madness ...

MAJOR UPDATE 2/18/2012The album on Fluttery records has been delayed sorry folks I was just told. I will give you info when I know.

Clint Listing - In the minds of madness

1. Clint Listing & Stephen Petrus (Murderous Visions) -  The Dawn of Sorrow
2- Clint Listing  & Lopeholt (From Scotland)- Love is Pain
3. Clint Listing & John Stillings (Steel Hook Prostheses)- Under the Frozen Moon of  Tomorrow
4. 4yrs of Suffering (Clint Listing and Aries  both ex As All Die)-  Your God is so proud
5-Clint Listing & Derek Rush ( Dream into Dust/ A Murder of Angels)- We've Been Forgotten

6-Clint Listing & Dana Duffey (Demonic Christ/ Mythic)- Passion Through Conflict
7- Clint Listing & Ben / DJ Hell Raver (Terrorfakt)- Riders of the Final Dawn
8- Clint Listing & Ross Hagen (Encomiast)-  Peace Breeds War