Nunfuckritual interview is up

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1. Give us a history on how Nunfuckritual came to be?

It started the moment I named a folder on my computer NunFuckRitual. I started putting riffs into it and invited Espen to do vocals on it. Suddenly we had songs for a album, this was in 2006. But it took some years before we actually got it recorded and we invited the other members to join. Even after it was recorded it took some time to get it released.

2. Being members of tyrant, nuclear assault, nidingr .. Is this more a one time event or will there be more releases?

This is not a one time event, as long as Im alive there will be more releases from us. The next album is already in the works.

3. Your sound is very much of the post black metal sound of bands like DHG, virus, code mixed with arcturus and borknagar where did this idea come from?

It started with a idea of making slow atmospheric music instead of what I usually would make.

4. Will Nunfuckritual be performing live or is this just a studio project?

We are talking about live shows, but we have to plan it well so that it will look nice. There is also some logistics to be solved since we are involved in so many bands and live far from each-other..

5. Where did the name Nunfuckritual come from?

Not sure, I woke up one morning after drinking. And I found some riffs in a folder named NunFuckRitual .

6. Is the album " In bondage to serpent " a running theme or just a collection of dark grim songs?

Well, "In bondage" sounds like it sounds, the next one will sound different, but it will still sounds like NFR.

7. Will Nunfuckritual be releasing any videos or a dvd for your music . I see a very visual side to the band..

I agree, if there ever is any money for it, we will release a video. That's something we wanted to do since day one.

8. How did the project come work with D.M.P. the label is on the cutting edge of extreme metal.

I took a round hunting for labels, the first time I went after the big labels, they didn't get what we where doing at all. So after a while I took the second round and contacted around 6 labels, DMP was one of 4 labels that wanted to sign us. We chose DMP because of the quality they deliver on every release, both music and visuals.

9. What's your thoughts on the current digital age with underground music. Do you think webzines, digital audio, social networks and internet radio are the new promotional tools or do you miss print media, cds and radio??

I like the printed stuff more, I like to hold things in my hand and smell it (haha) Nowadays one cant be a new band and not do the internet promotion thing.

10. Where do you see the underground metal scene going in 2011?

Have no idea, I don't follow that scene, or any other scene... I have enough with dealing with myself.

11. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts please here.

Thanks for your support and interest in NunFuckRitual !

Guitarist/Bassist/Composer in Mayhem,Nidingr, Umoral,The Konsortium, NunFuckRitual.