Free for all Review Edition 12/17/2011

The Intersphere- Hold on, Liberty!-CD ( Long Branch/SPV)

Wow I was just floored by at band on the German power house SPV. The Intersphere is all things amazing in Indie rock my friends. Think of bands like Muse and Foo Fighters then add the melody of bands like Megacity 4,  Husker Du and Soul Asylum all mixed into a stew of pure driving rock music with a hook that will not go away. I could hear this band on Epitaph, Matador, Exile on Mainstream or Victory .. It seems odd to be on SPV but this is one of those bands that could fill arenas with the songs they are presenting here. The vocals are so infectious with the guitars and bass making you want to head bang the whole time. There is a complexity to it all as well where I would say they love some prog rock and Post Hardcore as well but its all mixed into such a way that The Intersphere are there own band , own sound and a breathe of fresh air..

Beyond the Bridge- The Old Man and the Spirit-CD ( Frontiers Records)

Prog and Hard rock have gone hand and hand for years and with Beyond the Bridge this is just another element of styles gone very right in a album that is uplifting, power and just that damn good. If you like bands like Rage, Rhapsody, King Crimson and Journey then this is going to be all for you and more. Beyond the Bridge is more of a Melodic Rock band with 70's prog rock elements. The vocals remind me of the very british prog element very clean sung and in classical style. The guitars are the things that become the most hard rock  but never metal in full force.  Beyond the Bridge have that Yes and Genesis thing going on too on the Pop side of arrangements. Really a surprising release to say the least.  Would love to see this live as I'm sure its a band that would be even more impressive on a stage like Savatage or Dream Theater.. If you like Ayreon as well this will be a must own..

Heirs- Hunter-CD ( Denovali)

Yet another very odd combo that seems to work with Heirs. If you mixed Post Rock,  Drone and Doom metal with Avantgarde music elements and you have a band that with just 3 tracks has created there very one genre. If Isis was more Doom or if Neurosis was more prog this is where Heirs is coming from and going to. The sound is massive here its a wall of thick pulsing sounds with a total Doom overtone. This band from the land of Oz is going where another band from there homeland did just in a more Post Rock elements and that would be Halo.. Heirs you have made an album that will stun most that get the chance to here hear it I hope the promotion is strong as this one of the best Post Doom bands I've ever heard. They may actually be the only band I've heard do music just like this. I would say this was a James Plotkin project if you didnt tell me different and its that creative and original.

Dies Irae- Secrets Veils of Passion-CD (Chaos)

I'm just going to say straight out the early material I've heard of this band was terrible . I had heard them 1st about 10 yrs ago as I thought we has gotten the Devil Doll album by the same name. They were a weak Goth Metal band at that time but this sounds nothing like that all.   Dies Irae sound is more I would call Prog, Grunge and Shoegazing all mixed into a Post Metal band. If Alice in Chains added Prog elements I would say this is very close to what Dies Irae is presenting to the would now. There are goth overtone but in the same way bands like Katatonia or Tiamat present them not in your face just from the arrangements and riffs of old. I can say I actually like this its very off the wall the way the band is mixing elements. Its becomes Thrashy at times to but the dark melody always holds on to it.  I hear Moonspell in what they are offering as well. Dies Irae is a creepy project and will not be for all but again very Avant metal / rock fans will need to check this out as its a  powerful journey indeed.

Dark Suns- Orange-CD (Prophecy Productions)

OK for most creative band to come out of Prophecy in while and that's something to say for that label its Dark Suns ( Jazz, Pop, Rock, Prog Metal and Blues) all in the same song. Organs, Horns, Death metal elements, Influences of Faith No More, Dog Disco Fashion, Yes and Dan Swano  all at the same time. Orange is not an easy listen for one moment and this is what makes its all the more awesome by the moment. This isn't any genre it's all genres at once.  Orange will take me 10 more listens just to fully understand all I'm hearing and absorb it all. Were to even go from here I'm lost to even say. Dark Suns is the future of Avantgarde music I thought for a while there were bands like Polkadot Cadaver and Mike Patton but this band as just trumped them both.  Prophecy or Jester Records are really the only two places I could hear a release like this coming from.  THIS IS THE CUTTING EDGE....