New reviews 10/3/2010

Monster Magnet-Mastermind-CD (Napalm Records)

So remember when you were excited 10 yrs when music was not just about ripping albums off bit torrents. Well this is how Monster Magnet are to me this is a band I grew up with I was 18  when I 1st heard there Spine of God material and ever since then I have been a fan I was from NJ  "Its a satanic drug thing you wouldn't understand"  One of the best new years eve shows I ever saw was at Coney Island High in NYC with Monster Magnet...though out the yrs the only constant in this band has been Dave Wyndorf and Ed Mundell  and you know that that all it needs to be. They as moved from the low fi Dirty Doomy Trippy rock to a more groovy 70's hard rock vibe that is no less important. Dave voice has never been better and to be honest this is the best material since Dopes to Infinity for my ears. Its Heavy , Experimental and full on Magnet again. Love the guitars and low end fuzzed out bass and the primal drumming again ah and those solos there like an addiction you just don't want to lose. Mr Wyndorf has had many ups and downs from glitterhouse, caroline , A&M to SPV and now on a power house Indie Napalm. I think Monster Magnet has gotten their batteries recharged and ready to kick the world in the ass again as with there last on SPV I think the band was unfocused but not anymore.. Long live The Magnet!!!!

NECRITE- Sic Transit Gloria Mundi-CD (Flenser Recordings)

This is something straight out of Madness itself I love when bands mix Black metal and Doom into a nightmarish soundscape and this is truly just what as come across for me to review. Imagine Marduk and Bethlehem in a pissing match then joining forces to make a band with one simple mission the destruction of all of your very souls .. Guess what there mission is very close to completion on this album alone.. At times Necrite have a black industrial element to in the same way MZ412 does it . You know that very unsettling feeling in the back of your neck when you know someone is watching you. This band is up there with bands like Code, Shining (Sweden), DHG, Deinonychus and Ancient Wisdom for some very ground breaking sounds.. Necrite will be getting many many listens from me...

Lightning Sword of Death- The Extra Dimensional Wound-CD (Metal Blade)

Ok lets just get it out there Lightning sword of death are equal parts Death and Black metal and fantastic on both sides of the spectrum. I will be honest Metal Blade has not been a great home for anything of the Blackened Arts  minus Goatwhore so I hope with Lightning Sword this can be another strong partnership.  An Occult element is very strong with with Californian unit and you can hear it most in the vocals and the punishing back drop of the theme of the albums. There split with Valdur is where I really got to understand and respect the bands sound and where they were coming from musically they have just continued and made this a stronger fuller release here .. Top Notch occult Blackened Death Metal.. Give it a try if you dare...


 Asbaar- Corona Vili Aurei-CD (Black Drone)

 As we all know Dark ambient music can be very subject and it is in the ears of the listener at times if its even called music or just aural art. With labels like Black Drone the complete package is all in questions at they love to present the art, music and theme as a complete picture. the album come is a beautifully stunning 6 panel digipack with a booklet as well with a very nature based images.  With Asbaar after just one track this project is that of the Ethno Nature based Ambient. The very organic variety.. You know labels like Hypnos, Soleilmoon and Space of Hearts were very known for even Dark Vinyl for many yrs. Love the minimalism of the tracks . You need to let Ambient sound like this breathe and Asbaar understands this well. Every time the sounds keep coming back to Yen Pox and Lustmord but not as dark when they are more fluid and atmospheric.. The primitive ritualistic percussion make the ethno elements all the more present. I don't know much about this project other then its Mark of Eldar a project on CMI now and there is a slight martial feeling but nothing to bring War like thoughts into play. thanks to Black drone I will be digging much deeper.

Voidwork- Horror/Forsaken-CD (Black Drone) 

So its been very clear over my long reviewing career. I have been a real fan of anything Dark, Cold , Unsettling or down right Blackened with a Neoclassical element and with Voidwork you have all this and so much more Ann-Mari of Arcana is doing some very amazing Operatic vocals here with chilling male vocals and an apocalyptic Neo Classical backdrop the strings and low rumbles and what sound like horns from the depths of madness. Imagine if you can a band like Rajna mixing with older Elend and then joining with Raison D Etre for a journey down a road that is void of all light. There is a strong eastern element to the music and this where the Rajna sounds come into play. Black Drone is really making a move a major playing is the world were labels like CMI. Memento Mori, World Serpent and even Tesco use to travel. So very please to seen even in these troubling times of CD sales and digital thievery. That Black Drone do not skimp on quality as this is in a wonderful digipak and sound production is second to none. Simply Breath taking all the way around .

 Artep- Thy will be done on earth as is done in hell- CD (Bleak Art)

I know its not the best way to start a review but I think this band is stuck in Norway 1995 as they sound like every Symphonic Black metal band from there at that time just less original. The band the actually most remind me of is Stormblast Period Dimmu Borgir. Even down to the vocals and they way the orchestral moments are more buried and they try to keep the more raw elements up front.  Artep are good at the sound their trying to recreated . The one major issue I have is the horrible tinny drum sound chosen. Artep also sound very similar from track to track I don't know if this is on purpose or not. Artep is really a fantastic band when they slow down and let the Prog Black elements flow. It has much or later Emperor or Arcturus element to it all and they really sound a whole lot more interesting then. As this seems to be there 1st proper release I will see where this band progress to as only time will tell. Clearly we don't need another Dimmu or Emperor.. Artep you are better then this and I can here it even on this releases many times over..