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1. This is clearly one of the most beautifully twisted Post/Avant Metal releases I've heard in while. You much have a strong love for Arcturus, And Oceans, Code, Fleurety and DHG just to name a few. Where did this mix of Indie, Jazz, Noise, Black Metal and Classic Thrash Come from 

I've always listened to lots of different bands, not caring about what kind of labels they fit in but instead letting the emotions lead the way. You'd be surprised how little I listen to Extreme Metal, in fact my tastes are varied from Punk to Hardcore, from Blues to Rock from Jazz to Noise. The Mars Volta, Alice In Chains, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Integrity, Nirvana…

2. You are working with the Brilliant A.T.M.F. label how did you come to work with them?

It's always difficult to find the right place. I personally had the occasion in the past to collaborate with half a dozen of labels from different horizons and being signed on a major is not necessarily an asset. I'd rather work with dedicated people like A.T.M.F. who I know are 100% behind the record, than with a much bigger structure. With that in mind, we just did it the old fashion way: Sending some promos to a few labels. Eventually we caught some attention and went for the best deal.

3. Being a Duo there are many freedoms you have in studio and recording and arranging. Do you feel this help with a wonderful chaos that is created on “The Full Intrepid Experience of Light”?

At first I created the record on my own and there was a very annoying drum machine pulsing in the background. So I was looking for a way to improve that and got in touch with an awesome drummer from Italy who was willing to give it a try and beat the machine down. It was quite a challenge for both of us but eventually we got through and it was an honest achievement! I will always be favorable to being a duo because it's really a lot more stimulating and satisfying in the end.

4. Does 11 AS IN ADVERSARIES ever want to perform Live?

We have recruited live members in case opportunities would present themselves. We're all seriously involved in other projects but still could find the time to perform Live on the right occasion. 

5. The sounds of many of the tracks have a very 90's Indie rock feel from labels like Touch and go, Amrep and C/Z label bands like Skin Yard, Surgery, Polvo and Rodan to name a few. Was this the other side of the musical spectrum you are coming from?

It's quite remarkable that you noticed it, especially Skin Yard. Can't get 'Ritual Room' out of my head! It sounds very much alike Nirvana's 'Bleach' which is one of my favorite album of all time. All these Indie Rock/Punk/Grunge bands from the 90's really made an impression on me, although some are better than others but this is definitely my style.

6. Is your current fan base made of non metal people or are they mostly the more open minded Metal crowd?

It's a bit too early to have a real idea about our fan base, but I'm guessing they could be from any horizon really, as long as they are looking for an alternative to all the shit we're being fed with.

7. The Cover art for “The Full Intrepid Experience of Light” is very interesting does it tell a story for the album or just something that ties into it?

The cover and entire artwork are literally home made. You can see my hand pressing a button of a machine I built myself, next to a peculiar grimoire and scratches of formulas. It's a concept album, meaning every single detail matters in order to fully appreciate the record. “The Full Intrepid Experience of Light” is an experiment, a special rite. I spent the night meditating and chanting, looking for the only truthful meaning of LIGHT as opposed to the false illusions provided by the Demiurge. Being as one with the essence of Lucifer, the bearer of the secret fire, and in accordance to his Will I was able to build the weapons of my own liberation! And so should you.

8. You worked with the main man behind Shining (Niklas). How did that come to be and are you happy with the outcome? It's by far the most metal track.

I've always admired Shining for how they dare to explore different territories, just like we are. I've been keeping in touch with Niklas for a while and the point was to collaborate together as two individuals fighting against limitations. It wasn't a desperate attempt to try to gain a couple of fans out of it and each time I listen to the song just proves me I made the right call. For sure “The Night Scalp Challenger” is a real badass song, progressive and intense.
9. I know this was going to be the title of new Glorior Belli's which both of you are part of  .So is there any different to the material going to be on new Glorior Belli album. 

I guess the most obvious element that couldn't work in both projects is the voice, even though I sometimes also use the 'Punk' screams with Glorior Belli there's never been real singing for 40 minutes straight. Glorior Belli is being known for mixing Blues and Southern-Rock textures with the brutal, ominous vibe typical of Black Metal and I'd like to keep it that way now. It's always difficult to find your own style and sometimes you need to know where to stop experimenting, at least for a while or you just lose the spirit and essence of the band. This is why I decided to start 11AIA that would allow me to keep being innovative without altering the main project.

10.  Will 11 AS IN ADVERSARIES continue past this one release or is it more just a loose side project as I really hope to hear more its so original in todays sterile music scene?

Regardless of the circumstances that led to the creation of this side project, we consider 11 AIA as a real band, following its own path. The debut album is only the first stone of our temple!

11. What has been the feedback so far on the band that you have seen and heard?

We haven't been able to get a lot of feedback so far, as the record is not even officially out yet. I'm pretty confident that this record is going to kick some doors down and brainfuck the audience. No one can get in the way of the Black Light that spreads out.

12. Paris and France in General seem to be a hot bed for more experimental metal acts. Esp with Season of Mist being there? What are some of the bands in Paris that really interest or impress this duo currently?

I really don't think Season of Mist has anything to do with the birth of experimental bands. The French scene has been so productive over the years because it's made of great individuals willing to share their own twisted visions of art. It's just part of our challenging culture that always seems to be flirting with the edges of creation. I can't say I'm personally a huge fan of French bands, but if I really had to name a few it would be Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord, Year Of No Light, Celeste…

13. There is a very groove/  hypnotic catchy element to 11  AS IN ADVERSARIES. Was this a natural progression of was it done from the begin?

The composition process was quite fluent, I didn't have to worry about the result at all and just kept the ideas flowing in. I was literally the vessel of the Dark Ones, channeling incantations and forbidden words nights after nights until the monster was born. Everything inside “The Full Intrepid Experience of Light” is made out of spontaneity and genuineness!

14. You seem to just have a Myspace page do you feel this is all an indie band really needs to get the word out in 2010?

Not only MySpace but all sorts of social networks can be very useful when it comes to promotion. I think it would be quite silly to miss that opportunity, especially when you get the chance to communicate with the fans. We want them to be able to go deeper into our philosophy and beliefs.

15. Do you support the new digital media age for indie artists or do you feel its watering down the scene too much?

It's not about being supportive, it's about being smart and adapt to your surroundings. This new digital media age has brought upon us some comfort as well as discomfort. You can't really expect to earn money from underground music but on the other hand it's really easy to get the word out nowadays! So the lucrative aspect aside, it's quite a win for bands like 11AIA that are mostly looking to spread the poison in the Orthodox stream.

16. Any closing thoughts please place here.

Be fearful of what lies beyond 10!