New Reviews 10/30/2010

towards global holocaust- Feuersturm-CD (Scattered to the winds)

So this Duo of Blackened Thrashing Chaos comes back to my desk with a full length pro done release after a MCD that simply  changed the way I looked at BM. This time out Blaash  and RF have much more melody mix with some of the most blinding fast BM drumming and guitar noise I've ever heard from a band.  At time this band is so technical and at other times they remind me of bands like Beherit or Aborym in the madness factor. With Feuersturm tgh also add a deeper love for the abstract and industrial elements bands like MZ412 or Abruptum has given us over the years. I swear at times I think that tgh is about run off the rails of all timing and conventional musical thoughts but they always seem to pull back to a place where it seems to work perfectly again. The vocals are so possessed I just don't even know were to begin as the are beyond tormented and pain soaked there is just the last bastion on humanity in them. If you a fan of bands on labels like Moribund, Anja offensive and ATMF then this is something you need to pick of Asap. 

Dakrya- Crime Scene-CD (Sensory Records)

If you have been living under a rock for the prog metal scene then Sensory would be new to you if not this is the elite of talent in this sound and style . With Dakrya we get a Female fronted Avant Prog metal force that mixes elements of Nightwish. Gathering, Bogus Blimp and Lana Lane etc. There is a strong love bands like Devil Doll and Symphony X as well but its not always so noticeable. I love the very sweet yet powerful female vocals going on here with what I would call classic Prog Rock elements but the guitars and drums get so metal at time. The synths and pianos have the 70/80's Prog sound in an ultimate fashion. The male vocals are the darker more seductive almost gothic death vox if that makes enough sense to most of you. I love the bizzare moments the most with this bad the creepy and twisted bass and guitar moments within where the synths sound like that came from the Circus of the dammed . The have a Sleepy time gorilla museum element to them as well that I hear more and more as I go through the tracks. This release is making me drool for more loving this.

Creations End- A new Begining-CD (Sensory Records)

If you like your Prog metal with a huge dose of Power metal and the arena rock vocal style then Creations End is going to put you to the floor. I'm not going to go to far on this album as your either going to get it or not after one song. So this is an all star line up of session and members from bands like  Ark, Mastermind, James Labire's Band and Zandalle . If you want to have more bands like Savatage, Dream Theatre or Angra then add this on to your wish list as they done get more talented or musically euphoric then this my friends.

View All Photos | Cover for  the Clinic For Dollsphoto by Hi Res Studio | UnSun

Unsun- Clinic for dolls-CD (Armoury Records/Mystic Productions)

Goth metal is a very give or take music for me. I have to be in the mood and the vocals matter to me so much in bands like this. Bands like Theatre of Tragedy, Tristana, Tiamat  etc have done is very very well. mmm thats a lot of bands that all start with T's. Unsun on thier 2nd full length this time on Armoury/ Mystic Productions this time ( There debut was on Century Media) . If a much better and well thought out release . The 1st one sound much more cookie cutter with a much more pop element . With Clinic for dolls they have giving the music a much more dark and dirge like feeling. Also Aya vocals are way stronger in pitch and over all range.  Main musical composer is Mauser (formerly of Death metal power house Vader and Christ agony) his guitar and music arrangement as well thought out here and this is not bubblegum goth metal at all. This is indeed a 360 degree change from his past bands. Again this is not for your girlfriend . Unsun wears the metal badge with honor and pride. If the 1st release put you off check this out its really night and day stronger. Think older Lacuna Coil without male vocals and you will be very close to where Unsun is going here..

Aborym- Psychogrotesque-CD (Season of Mist)

Moving from Code666 to Season of Mist over the last 2 albums and losing Attila back to Mayhem has made this band even stronger and with Faust on Drums now there Black industrial metallic madness seems to have had a boost in production and song structure. Aborym is one of those bands that just get better with each release I would say they are much like Code or DHG were they add more and experiment the odd side of the avant metal highway to there fullest. There is always this uncomfortable melody to what they do on each release as well. Season of mist in the last yr seems to be growing by leaps and bounds they are doing the most original of the fringe metal that labels like The End and Code 666 were giving us but have the Promotional power to expose them to a world not ready for this assault. There is really much more to say other then this is a soundtrack for the sickest and deepest parts of your mind that you don't want the rest of us to know about .. Guess what ... Too Late its out now hahahahaaha.

Bilocate- Sudden Death Syndrome- CD (Kolony Records)

Bilocate is just what I would want from a band playing Metal from the Middle East (they are from Jordan). Think of bands like Nile, Salem and Melechesh. Bilocate has Eastern, Prog and very Tech Death metal elements going on with a strong love of Texture and Atmosphere going on here. The haunting way the guitars and bass line snare you in and the deep and ethereal vocals that sound like a demon in the distance calling you to your demise is just so entralling. The orchestral elements of synths and way the music flows is so epic in sound it works wonders to the over all style too. If your a fan of bands like Opeth and Agalloch this will call to you as well in that the vocals are very similar to both  and the music at moments too.  Kolony records has a band to watch here this could and very well maybe the next big band in the Metal world.