Few New Reviews Jan 13th 2009 @ AZM

AT THE HEAD OF THE WOODS "Secrets Beyond Time & Space" CD (GlassThroat Recordings)

So as it comes with every season. Our fine friends at Glassthroat send me another elegantly designed oversized Digipaked release to review for the world. With this we have one of the partners in crime with owner Chet Scott (Ruhr Hunter, Blood of the Black Owl). This gentle soul by the name of James Woodhead is in The ELEMENTAL CHRYSALIS with Chet and now has gone into solo artist status with At the Head of the Woods. Which is a wonderful collection of Guitar and Drone Ambient passages all with a very Ethno or Tribal like feeling surrounding it. There is a very mellow Neurosis/ Steve Von Till to the magic that is created here with a ver great love of 70's prog music as Pink Floyd, Yes and Frank Zappa come to mind esp in the guitar and synth arrangements that ebb and flow through out the tracks. At The Head of the Woods makes you feel one with mother earth and that his music can actually heal even the darkest and most illed of souls. I know some of you do not know where I'm coming from but the Natural and Organic sounds that come from this release alone if you give it the time and space to fill your senses will help heal your woes. This is ultimate personal headphone music. Sit in the dark with some scented candles close your eyes the music do its magick. I can see why Glassthroat jumped on the chance to release this. I don't want to use the words Post anything as its seems to be such buzz words of the day but clearly At the Head of the Woods is beyond most Post Rock/ Post Experimental releases. The Production is stellar and you can crystal clear hear east warn tone, drift, guitar, string and soundscape like they were next to you. This is essential listening. If you don't own this you are a fool.



PHILISTINE- blackhymmal-CD (Self Released)

Industrial Black Doom in the same fashion bands like Halo, GodFlesh, PitchShifter and Treponal Pal use to create. Philistine is a Guitar, Bass, Drum Machine and one pissed off man with a voice to pull it all together. Do not let anyone for one minute tell you this is not 100% Doom. The tempo, The vibe, The emotion it is all there Slow, Sloth like and punishing. Philistine clearly has a love for sludge Doom too for there are elements of Eyehategod, Crowbar, Grief and Cavity that are very present in the mix of sounds going on. Being in New England as well as this very person. Philistine is from the mountains of Maine. A cold and bleak landscape in the winter. We are currently have are 5 th snow storm in 2 weeks in Northern New England . So its the perfect place to create this style of bone jarring music. I'm not sure if this madman is looking for a label or prefers use to self release the material. As if a label doesnt make him an offer soon I'm at a loss for words. This is better produced and recorded then some bigger indie bands out there. I reallly enjoy the ambience mixed with the Doom as well. Long live PHILISTINE !!!!


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