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Gamma Ray - Hell Yeah! The Awesome Foursome-Double DVD (SPV/STEAMHAMMER)

Ah were to beging the 1st DVD is an 18 song live show covering they history of this elite Power Metal force. The reason why Gamma Ray has succeeded were other having is that is is a band not the Kai Hansen experience. There songs which are all written by various member at various times. As so powerful, epic and just catchy while keeping that crushing metallic edge. Were bands like Hammerfall and Helloween have added to much of a pop touch it all. This live show is pro shot with multi camera's in many angles and colors. It looks as amazing as it sounds.

The 2nd DVD is all the videos the band has given us over the yrs and you can how the band has progressed in skill and confront. But my favorite part is the Roadmovie where you get to see it by the fan and bands points of view worth watching that alone and Historay which is some very private moment, live behind the scene pieces another gem for a fan.

Simply if your a fan of Judas Priest, Angra, Blind Guardian and Savatage. Gamma Ray is a must have in your collect and no better place to start then watching an amazing sounding live show and getting to learn and meet the band on this fantastic Double DVD.



Lair of the Minotour- War Metal, Battle Master-DVD (Southern Lord)

Southern Lord took out all the stops on this one were in essence this just a DVD release for a single Video (the Unedited verison of this Video Single is one of the coolest videos ever). The video and music for War metal Battle Master is like a Dungeons & Dragons game meets up with best or worst B rate Gore/ horror flick. Warrors in Armor and Barbarians in sword combat and them harpy like vampires (Bloody and Nude Woman of course) take the fallen and eat/ erotically pick apart their victims. As an added Bonus there are several live shot songs from 2005 t0 2008 0n various dates and interview and behind the scenes on the making of the Video track. Lair of the Minotour is a breathe of fresh air in the over polluted Black Metal/ Death metal video world. Well well worth owning for the amazingly sick video alone.


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