Short and Sweet Volume 3 ( Review Addition )


BLACK MOLD-The Inheritance of Evil- Digital/Cassette (Helldprod Records)

Total Raw Old School Black Thrash with a very punk overtone. It's reminds me the early day of the underground demo scene for sure. This is Bathory, Venom and Hellhammer inspired to say the least. Primitive in the best ways possible . Check this damn thing out. If the Misfits were Black metal you got whats happening here.

The Kryptik Behold Fortress Inferno - Digital/LP/Tape/CD (Purity Through Fire)

Cold, Atmospheric Spacial Black metal from Brazil. This has 90's 2nd wave Northern Europe written all over it  and the do a cover of Mayhems " Funeral Fog". This Duo on this MLP is everything you want Black metal to be there are haunting synths and frozen musical elements through out . Horns up and keep the Blaspheme going !!!

Wombripper -Macabre Melodies - Digital/Tape/CD (Memento Mori)

Hailing from Russia and total worship of Swedish Buzzsaw, Nasty and Ugly Death metal with those catchy ass tone that just make you want to listen again and again did i mention it can be blistering and melodic but alway dirty dirty dirty. This is the only way Swedish death metal should ever shine!!! Get this or miss out!!!

MORTA -FĂșnebre- Digital/Tape/CD ( Signal Rex)

This Trio from Spain create terrifying noisy atmospheric black metal with enough reverb to break through to other much more sinister dimensions. The raw element of very vocal cries and shrieks work so much with the very barbaric overtones of this records. This is not an easy listen but total worth it in the end.

Entorx- Faceless Insanity- Digital/CD- (Self Released)

German Proggy/ Technical MeloDeath that is as infectious as it is brutal and complex. The guitars really play the story with the mover OG Death metal vocal style. This has Thrashy element as well some almost futurist elements and tones going on here.  Avant Death metal would not be out of the question to say very glad got the chance to hear and speak about the record.

Skyless Aeons- Drain thesun- Digital/CD ( CDN)

Out of Ontario Canada comes a very prog heavy MeloDeath force the has the skill and brutality to match itself in a way it works on both levels very very well. I hear Opeth, Gorguts and  Dark Tranquility and do be surprised for a bit of Atmospheric Black metal coming in from time to time. THis is an adventure for sure.

Contrarian -Only Time Will Tell- Digital/LP/ CD (Willowtip Records)

Purple seems to be the in color for  Proggy very Tech very Left of center Death metal with some strong oriental and eastern sounds coming from this Sci fi inspired visionary. The only thing is that music is so good mix of Death, Cynic, Atheist, Nile etc I wanted the vocals to be less vomit and weird guttural and more just low and gruff. I love the other vocals . That is only grip so keep kicking my ass musical!!!