Short and Sweet review addition volume 1


Fleetburner-ST/ Digital/CD ( Butler Records)

So this seems to be the 6th album by symphonic /epic metals out of  Netherlands. Reminds me alot of  Ayreon, Symphony X, Epica and After Forever. I think you get what we are talking about  Prog inspired Metal with some heavier almost Melo Death moments but never in the vocals side. There are elements of bands like The Gathering and Evergrey  we well too. The line up is impressive to say the least.

Vocals: Ken Simerly
Bass: Peter Iwers (ex-In Flames, ex-Cyrha)
Drums: Tomas Myklebust (Vulture Industries, Slegest)
Keys: Veli-Matti Kananen (Kalmah, One Morning Left)
Guitars / songwriting : Kevin Storm (session guitarist for Equilibrium, Shining, Vulture Industries, many more)

Guest appearances by various artists, among whom:
Christopher Amott (Dark Tranquillity, ex-Arch Enemy)
Nils Courbaron (Sirenia)
Masha “Scream” Arkiphova (Arkona)

Over all amazing production, Catchy songs and something for those of us that love that theatrical side of Prog Metal and Heavy Rock . Definitely worth more then a few listens 

Tyranno- March of Death- Digital/CD/Tape ( Helldprod )

Coming out of Brazil this the Thrashing  Black/Punk feeling  Tyranno. This is the 2nd release from the band it reminds me of if Motorhead, Celtic Frost and Darkthrone got together and created a sick and foul tasting love child. There is isnt much more needed to be said. The synths are interesting in the almost horror movie way they are presented. After that its a mix of Bay area thrash, Punk black metal and Speed metal. Ok your turn to check them out .

Novae Militiae- Topheth-Digital/CD (Goathorned Productions)

Unsettling  Industrial  Occult  inspired Black Death. With some very unnerving chanting and grimm black vocals going on from the 2nd proper release from Novae Militiae. The tempo is a mix of blistering and mechanical and the other side is atmospheric and demonic at best. These France folks are as sinister as they are experimental in the black death they are presenting on us. At times it borders on noise in the best of apocalyptic ways too. If you are one of those that follows The Left hand path this is a project for you .

Abatuar - Mortandad- Digital, CD/ LP (Dunkelheit Produktionen)

From the  Depths of  Panama comes  Abatuar creating  Blackened Death/Grind that is ugly, fast, vomit spewing vocals and on a mission to tear your fucking face off and I would say the mission is very close to coming to reality. The drums and guitars at time become full on white noise. The hardcore side of the Grind is strong with Abatuar too. This one man fuck fest by Cadaver says it all. There are some great grinding , gore filled Death metal moments here if you like you Grind with corpse ripping ideals look no further.

ANGEL MORGUE -In the Morgue of Angels- Digital/CD ( Redefining Darkness Records)

Straight out of  New Hampshire comes this  Old School Slumbering  Death metal force. I'm totally digging the  Incantation, Immolation , Asphyx meets  Tomb mold and Outer Heaven  vibes coming from this album as slow and brutal Angel Morgue is the nasty dirty blazing side of Death metal shows up here to balance it out as well. Love the strep throat Death metal vocals that really gives me that old Relapse and Roadrunner records Death metal vibe. There is an Obituary love going on here as well. Oh for fuck sake you know what your getting by what I have already told you. Get it or miss out !!!!

Over the Voids...- Hadal- Digital/LP/CD  ( Nordvis Produktion)

2nd Release of  Atmospheric and Dissident 90's inspired Northern European Black metal from this group out of Poland. Just look at the cover to see what your getting here. This always all the things the mysterious and terrifying bands of that time had just giving us an updated vision and feeling that is sorely needed in my opinion. The cold Melodies and Nightmarish thin and brittle tones are all here. Over the Voids will make you want to Tape trade again or long for the days of those  Full Moon Prod and Redstream mail order catalogs. 

DEPHOSPHORUS -  Sublimation- CD | DIGITAL | LP ( 7Degrees Records, Selfmadegod Records, Nerve Altar Records)

What the fuck am I listening to and where have you been all my life with Dephosphorus it is the hardest most amazing thing to explain so after you read this blurb go listen and become in awe like me its. Spacial, Atmospheric, Avant  Black Death Grind with Doomy and Otherworldly overtone. It's like living through the Beautiful side of watching the nightmares of others and these seeing the big picture of it all. The level of complexity and fury here is just breath taking and all I know is i want more more more. Sublimation is like if  Killing Joke became a Grindcore band and wanted to record a post black metal record. Does the confuse you and impress you enough to listen. Well you should already be on the damn bandcamp page GET THERE !!!

Amiensus- Abreaction- Digital/LP/Tape/CD ( Transcending Records)

Out of Minnesota come are you ready for it  Poppy, folksy, spacey, shoe gazing, ethereal Black metal on levels you may just never be ready for. This has everything brilliant Post Black metal should and could every want to be. Love the mix of clean and harsh vocals and all those amazing Prog metal elements just pouring through. This is mind blowing and just draws you in to a place all other bands will just feel a bit less jaw dropping. Amiensus with a name as complex and wonderful.  Lets just say this is one of the best examples that extreme music has given me in 2020 and it came in month 11 you heartless she bitch.

Proscription- Conduit-Digital/ LP/CD ( Dark Descent Records )

And we end this batch of Reviews with a a Finnish based extreme metal force creating mood altering and astral leaning  Black Death that is so melodic, powerful and dark that I just very glad to get more of this kind of of music . I would put this on same level at Krypts, Lantern and Blood Incantation with  the  Dark Descent label.  Proscription is a mind altering music adventure and I want to take it over and over again. You can hear everything thing going on the warm bass, the very thought out and Tech meets brutal Death Drumming and those Spacial and Prog Death with Doom elements on Guitar . The Deep powerful vocals round it all out. Avant and forward thinking yes a kick ass Death metal release even more !!!!!