It's what comes from the darkness that we should welcome more then hide from...

ARMNATT- Dense Fog - Digital/LP/TAPE/CD (Signal Rex)

Portuguese Black metal that is full of piss and vinegar. Armnatt is fast, raw,ugly and brutal all at the same timee. This is primitive sound very much on purpose and really doesn't give two shits what you think about it. This is coming to the same way back in 90's when i would get demos and new albums in mail order just but the descriptions that Redstream , Full Moon Productions and Osmose Productions would write. Armnatt has a very unsettling feeling and finish to it's sound overall. I want to use the word Barbaric but that maybe even too polish what what I am hearing on Dense Fog. I think Chaotic and Harsh are more the tonality of what is coming from the speakers for this project. Signal Rex always has the dissonance and more noisy and edgy underground sounds coming to us and with Armnatt this is no different.

Orfvs Ceremony of Darkness- Digital/CD ( Spread Evil)

Finnish  Black metal in the Symphonic meets Dungeon Metal meets Melodic meets Early 90's Northern European Underground kind of way. Just look at the album cover. If you do not know what your going to hear then I really should not even be reviewing this for you lol. This is early  Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Gehenna, Cradle of Filth, Satyricon etc. Yes I said Early and they have those orchestral and string arrangement but it stay more horror and creepy with that much more raw and demo like  recording for the Black metal . There is this gothic and almost Deathrock overtone to all of this a well. If you remember the early days of Cacophonous Records int the UK this sound like it sound have been release by them in that Mid 90's 2nd wave going into 3rd wave BM story. There are alot of Mid tempo sounds going on here as well. Black metal can be Epic and Raw at the same time and bands like  Orfvs very much show that. keep the Occult /Pagan elements alive and this is what makes Black metal so grand.

AVERSIO HUMANITATIS- Behold The Silent Dwellers- (Debemur Morti Productions)

From the Spanish city of Madrid comes this  Avant Post Black metal force that really mixes elements of bands like A forest of stars, Fen, Negura Bunget, Drudkh to just name a few.  They Progressive arranging and the way the atmospheres with those folk and pagan hymns meld together in to a sinister and uplifting project to say the least. I really like those very grim and creeping vocals that are create with a very distant and cold tone. At times Aversio Humantatis as a very Viking and Heathen overtone and makes you almost feel the Skyclad, Bathory and Falkenbach themes come soaring into the over all productions. I would dare to say they have a love for Midevial and Celtic sounds on  "Behold the silent dwellers" as well. D.M.P is very much still what I would call a underground fringe label on how it finds and releases musich very much on the cutting edge of extreme music. With Aversio Humanitatis this is just another in the successes for this veyr impressive label and band.