Svart Record Artist - The Sabbathian Interview is up

1. Tell us a bit about how The Sabbathian came to be ?

CD: I basically had a bad label thing happening at the time and felt that creating a different outlet for the style of music being done by another project in said bad label situation.  Stian from the band DEVIL hooked me up with Anette and the rest was written.

2. Why 4 yrs between Ep and Latum Alterum?

CD: Trying to find a different but still relevant path to take the music rather than cranking out another typical Doom album took some time but it was time well taken. It turned out to be the best route to take. I desperately hate the majority of modern day Metal and did not want TS to fall into the same category.

AG: Between computerproblems (which was a huge problem and caused many delays), a full time job and a few tragedies personally, I spent a while on getting the lyrics together as well.

3. When I listen to new album I here elements of Burzum, Sabbath Assembly, Ides of Gemni , Hedningarna etc have these bands influenced you ?

CD: Absolutely not. When I write this stuff I tend to release all influences and just write what I hear in my head and not in my ears. Out of those I only listen to Burzum. The other three I have zero interest in. I know of them but have never heard them.

AG: To me, these are bands I know about, but they are not on my playlists.

4. Being in the US how did you get the brilliant Finnish label Svart to release you material ?

CD: I have been in contact with them for many years now. Jarkko and Tomi and really great people and have done many other releases of my various recordings and they really dug TS. cheers to them for their hard work!

5. I know the members have been in a few known bands . Is The Sabbathian the sole project now or are there other musical outputs we should know about?

CD: I have my hands in quite a few different things so to say it is my sole project then  no. I care about it just as equally as the others I do but my interests being all over the place has me bust all of the time. I also do HOUR OF THIRTEEN, SUBKLINIK, JENZEITS and a host of other things.

AG: The Sabbathian is the only project for me right now, but sometimes I do choirs or backing vocals for other musicians. I would love to have a band in Norway though. I also sing 2.alto in a semiprofessional chamberchoir, whitch is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. We sing classical music from all eras, mainly churchmusic, and to my great pleasure, Bach is well represented.

6. Live or Studio what do you prefer with The Sabbathian?

CD: Studio for sure. The older I get the more far fetched it seems to do live shows being the way TS works but not saying no about a live show. It just has to be the proper setting/situation.

AG: Well, I have only recorded so far.....

7. What song would you like to see a proper video for off new album and why?

CD: Hahahaha I have no idea....
AG: Thats a difficult question....

8. In 2018 how does an extreme underground band find success and audience . live shows, bandcamp / social media . Good press from PR team???

CD: With the sea of shit out there it's basically just word of mouth. Make a cool graphic and attach a sound to it. A sound that stands out and not the same crap your best friend listens to. Don't try to fit in.

9. 4 words describe band to someone listening for 1st time?


AG: Somewhat dark, heavy, unpolished yet atmospheric.

10. How does artwork play to theme of album?

AG: The artwork is a drawing of a picture I took years ago, and its a detail of Gol Stavechurch. This old church is said to be from around year 1200. The theme of the album is mainly about passing over to the other side, and alltough I am not religious in any way, I just find old churches breathtakingly beautiful. I am a very spiritual person, and the fact that I do sing a lot of churchmusic inspires me also outside my choir. Thats why both the intro and the outtro of the album is in latin, as a blessing of the souls that has passed over to the other side.

11. If music ended today what other creative things do you like do ?

CD: Raising my daughter and chillin with my family.

AG: Cook vegan food for sure! I am an educated institutional cook (not my current occupation), but I never got to cook vegan, only vegetarian. Thankfully, music will never end!

12. What books or music are impressing The members of The Sabbathian?

CD: Nietzsche, Crowley, A.O. Spare, Shakespear, Alighieri

AG: I love to learn about musichistory, and I really love the book The world of the castrati by Patrick Barbier for example. Music is like drugs to me and I love so many genres and bands, but I really love The Gathering (with Anneke on vocals), Theatre of Tragedy (with Liv Kristine on vocals), Opeth, Thin Lizzy, Psychotic Waltz, Devin Townsend, Obituary, Draconian (their "new" vocalist is a gem), Ozzy, Rush, Triosphere, Candlemass (Messiah and Rob) and so many more. Too much to mention really.

13. If a major label came and offered the band a deal is this something of Interest or no Svart is the perfect home?

CD: I have zero use for major labels. We are not what they want. I'm 100% fine with that.

AG: I think Svart is a good label and they are nice people, that's enough for me!

14. Thank you for time any closing thoughts here .

Thanks a lot for the support!