Selective in music I review these days as time is precious ...

WAN -Gammal är äldst - CD/ Digital ( Carnal Records )

Raw old school Black Thrash love it reminds me of  Bathory, Hellhamer and even Sodom at times. There are some great  Death and Punk like moments going on with this album. Those throaty sinister vocals work so well with that 80's Thrash mixed with early 90's primitive black punk style. So much of the 1st two bands in the elements going on here. The other  bands that comes to mind is Darkthrone and  Khold ... The Dirty and ugly production helps so much for this as the total picture becomes more and more complete. This is a nasty and excessive release and that is what you always want when you get an album by a band like WAN...

KADAVER-Tavola Anatomica IX-CDR/Digital (Tavole Anatomiche )

Harsh noise comes in many sizes and flavors . This Digital release and CDR limited to 36 physical copies . Is the harsh noise that comes out like kick to the teeth I here a lot of Control, Slogun, Japanse Noise and power electronics going on this is a disonant droning heavy machine like agression and then goes is to wave on a tonal noise that almost feels like it looping. Kadaver is adventurous with pedal none and mixing it into something wonderfully nightmarish. This could very easy be on Malignant, Loki Foundation or Death Factory (CMI). You can feel the sinister nature to all that is being presented here .. I love the lulls and the full wall of Harsh noise going on. Kadaver you make some impressive sounds my friend .

Cloudburst- Cloudburst - CD/ Digital ( Samstrong Records)

Indonesa is not the 1st place I look for  Metallic Post Hardcore and Crazy over the top Crusty Post metal but I promise you I will not be over looking Cloud Burst . The vocals are this side of tormented and insanity the music is manic and proggy at the time. If you want a Math rock band that loves Noise and  Hardcore just the same and fell in love with bands like  Kiss it goodbye, Converge, Man is the Bastard and Isis at the same time then folks look no further then this band. You can hear a mix of Slap a ham, Hydra Head and Revelation records all at the same time here. The guitar solo even as that early Thrash metal sound of  Slayer and Exodus .. Damn now I hear  thrash metal in this as well. Cloud Burst what are to doing to me . Brilliant Brillaint Brilliant!!!

KADAVER-Ain't Love Grand?- CD in DVD Case/ Digital (L White)

Kadaver has another limited physical release this time 100 copies but the differance wih album is the harsh noise is much more agressive and violent in nature this comes at upi with tones and feedback that will make the novice listener run to turn down or off too digest what the hell just happened . There is extremity at time that is made for those of us that like that pain and body reactions to a powerful Harsh Industrial power electronic force. That is what you are going here. At time it sounds like a horrible carwreck or factory accident been loop and manipulated . Out of the two I reviewed this is the one calling me in and making we see why Kadaver is one twisted fucking force. An album like this is how doorways to the unknown are open. Keep it up you masterful noisey bastard!!!!

Lightsabres- A Shortcut to Insanity-  CD/ Tape/ Digital ( Medusa Crush Recordings)

There are bands that genres and styles are just a pallet for them to dip into and make the world colored by all sounds they want. Lightsabres are just one of those bands. In the 1st four songs on this album I've heard Indie Rock, Doom. Punk,  Thrash, Power Metal, Fuzzed out Prog Rock and 80's Synth and Hardrock. LightSabres I'm not sure what you are doing but I'm loving it . Mike Patton, Devin Townsend , Dog Fashion Disco and Beach Boys would be proud and a swear Freddy Mecury would be working on Idea's like this if still around. Iknow very little about this band did love the EP a heard a while back.  Lightsabres you are catchy, freaky and creepy all at the same time.  At times its wonderfully melodic , then offkey is a great way anf then those warm noisey indie tones. Winner winner Chicken Dinner here !!!

Cold Colours- - CD/ Digital ( Self-Release)

From the frozen North or Minnesota comes a Proggy Doom/Death force that has been around 20 decades and they are just as I said mix Prog Metal, 70's Prog, Doom metal and some Deathmetal over tones and you got this band I could very easy seen them on a label like Bindrune, Nordvis, 20 Buck Spin , Code666 or Candlelight as they have a strong Heathen , Pagan & Folk element to the over all tones as well. The guttural and grim vocals work well the sung vocals that remind me of Katatonia, Opeth October tides and even Swallow the Sun. Cold Colour are very much a wonderfully Somber and powerful force. Yes I know this doesn't come out for a month or so  but the world and undeground fans need to support bands that make such masterful and majesty Doom inspired music. Nothing more needs to be said.... This is Doom music !!!!