What no hugs and kisses edition of our Review Journey

Poison Blood-S/T- Digital/ CD/LP ( Relapse )

What do you get when the  main forces behind  Horseback and Krieg come together in an album now released on Relapse records?  You get 20 mins of the  Dirty Punk inspired Black Thrash with some left of center progressive elements. They say they both love Beherit and you can clearly hear it with this Debut EP. There is even a bluesy overtone clearly coming from the Horseback playing. Avant, Fuzzed out and bizarre are very much ways to Describe this very inventive and creative album from two music that have never taken a que from the mainstream process. Poison Blood truly shine when they just let the ugly side of the music come out with the strong progressive elements. Again this is one of those albums I feel if Voivod or Motorhead were black metal this is what we would have heard from them. Just next level shit going on here folks.  Check it out for yourself you will be pleased.


Shifting- Not from here-CD/ Digital ( Eclipse )

So what do we have  . Well I can tell you it's epic and  symphonic in nature with a strong love of what the kids today call Power metal. There is a Modern Rock element to it as well especially with the  vocal harmonies and those  modern metallic  riffs coming from the guitars.  There are some prog metal elements going on here as well I would say if you could Mix Steve Vai , Fates Warning and  Blind guardian into something that make come from bands like  Within temptation and  80's  Dio and Ozzy you have  a strong idea of what Shifting is coming to the table with .  The vocals are very clean and melodic most times in that power metal akin to Zak period  Savatage or  Rhapsody . Ok I've really gone on long enough here . Symphonic edge Melodic  Power metal is the best I going to give you for this band and yes they are very good at what they do.


Black Mare- Death Magick Mother- CD/ LP/ Digital ( Magic Bullet)

In this world we are getting a strong mix of  Shoegazing , Post Rock, Black metal and Prog Metal mixed into something that at time sounds retro , warm and  familiar but still unsettling as if there is just not something right with it all. Here comes another band with a female front voice and gives me the same feelings that bands like  Ides of Gemini , Sabbath Assembly, Dead can Dance, 3rd and the Mortal  and Jarboe  creates for me. Dark Rock with metallic, Gothic and ethereal elements come into play with a 70's fuzzed out  heavy rock vibe all into one. I can not but fall for the hypnotic vocals and reverb drenched guitars and that warm flowing bass line all with a  death rock / post punk rhythm.  I simply love this album and need you all to hear it to understand that Nick Cave, Bauhaus , Killing Joke and Sisters of Mercy and The Mission UK have created a 2nd generation of amazing Dark rock music . Thank you..


Primitive Man - Caustic- CD/ Digital / LP ( Relapse )

So if a Doom, Industrial , Sludge and  Black Noise band all decide come together and make a band that will fracture the very core of the earth with it's music . They can forget it as we already have Primitive Man. This maybe the darkest, most pissed off , wonderful noisy band to ever come to my musical table and amen Relapse for giving me another chapter from Primitive man.  As this is just as I said  Black Doom, Industrial Noise and if this three piece ever change what they do my soul will never be the same . You like  Halo, Godflesh, Thergothon, Esoteric, Unearthly Trance, Disembowelment   and Mindrot then you look no further you have found your next  " IT" band . Review over  go buy this fucker ...

http:// relapse.com/

Elm - Dog- CD/ Digital ( Bronson Recordings)

Wow  somewhere between the  cover of this album  ELM which is from Italia .. Are mixing up some very US and UK elements into something that came to left in the late 70's and 80 's  Punk and Hardcore though this unit mixes in Sludge, Crust movement and a demo / DIY  hall show riot punk style into it all to make it all that more nasty and unkempt . Elm have a snarl and a hatred that you don't often hear in band any more . I love it don't get me wrong and you will too if you are into what i'm talking about  I will not mention bands but if you are fan of  Noisy  Hardcore punk with a Crusty flair then look no more . We have a winner..


Gnaw- Cutting Pieces- CD/ Digital/LP  ( Translation Loss )

Former front man of Khanate and Old  by the name of Alan returns with his new gang of nightmare riders for Cutting Pieces. This is where madness, sickness and sorrow comes to look for new ways to torment those living organisms around them. Gnaw is by far one of the most frightening bands you can hear in 2017 they mix elements of hard electronics, Noise , Doom metal, Post Hardcore and Grind with a sinister Dark rock over tone.  There really are no bands that fully sound like Gnaw and that is what makes the journey into each album so very special. I will say 4 years is way to long for one release to the next. I will end this review with just  sit from beginning to end of this album and tell me that you have not changed...  Emotionally, Mentally and Cosmically and will call you a liar..  Gnaw never stop making my nightmares seem less terrifying please .