That's 5 More then I was planning this week. Reviews complete;;

Deathtrip- Madhouse- CD/ Digital ( Ektro Records)

Digital Noise Rock band I will have to say this album is taking me a bit by surprise but hold on just for a moment imagine and 8 bit video game intermixed with Avant Noise Rock from the 90's and a love for Death Rock as well this is really where  Deathtrip's sound is coming from over all and they are relentless in that way it's presented. This is Digital madness and it's working very very well. As the album moves on is takes on more a Noisy Sludge core element too but always keeps that weird and wonderful electronic side to the band. So so Bizarre is this band and the more I listen the more I'm finding that I love with Deathtrip . We even from time to time have a Punkish thrash style going that is very much out of the late 80's style . Death trip keep it up and I will keep listening ..

Grate- You Should be- Digital/ CD ( Social Blasphemy )

Sludge , Thrash and Crusty Metallic over tones that is what we are getting from this group of punks that want to play Grinding  Sludge metal.  There is a fury and passion to the punky thrash way this album is giving to us. There could very well be one of those Bay area bands that grew up listening to Spazz, Neurosis, Noothgrush and Amebix and came to this scene pissed off and ready to bring the rebirth of labels like  Slap a Ham, Bacteria Sour and Pessimister  records. You can here the elements of those VFW and House party basement shows and over food not bombs Hardcore  days mixed with some very thrashing noisy moments. Grate keep  this going it's not only interesting but musically impressive ..

KOHTI TUHOA - Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta-CD/ Digital ( Southern Lord)

Dirty and nasty Finnish Hardcore punk and is on a full on mission to break your elitist teeth. This just is aggressive, noise, crusty and full of venom at break neck speed. It's has that 80's raw hardcore production mixed with noisy demo production that just works for that more snotty hardcore from the days of old. Short, Angry and not so sweet that is how were going to end this gem I will be listening to over and over again. I want to say this is what L7 and  Babes in Toyland would have sounded like if they were  Hardcore and loved Bad Brains.. Most Excellent of an album..

VOËMMR-Nox Maledictvs -CD/ Digital ( Harvest of Death/ Signal Rex)

This could be a very short review as the band is so twisted and left of center you can sum up the torment it creates in a few simple words . This does not make the band simple or an easy listen. This a band for more advance black metal listeners. As what I'm about to say is what Voemmr is and they are not here to make friends they are here to release the black nightmares that need to be so those who survive the aftermath of the apocalypse will be strong enough to rebuild from it's ashes. So again as I said this could have been a very short review but it going to be a bit longer then you're used to from me. Industrial Black Noise  mixed with Death Rock, Post Metal and an overtone of Darkmetal in only the way bands like  Shinning, Behtlehem and Silencer can give the world. The madness is the only constant in this band and without out the fabric of musical reality may just fold onto itself and end existence as we know. Don't believe me well then take the risk and listen to the album yourself as once you have the world will never been seen in the same light again..

Lark- Lark- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

Ok this by no means listens the majesty that Lark is presenting on this ep but is   Early Mastodon, Russian Circles and Isis had a love child it would be the band Lark. This band is 30 seconds  could have a home on Translation Loss, Profound Lore or Willowtip as this is were a band like Lark belongs or if Magic Bullet records is looking for a more edgy melodic Progressive Metal/ Post Hardcore band then welcome them with open arms. This band is as epic and amazing in each and every track I hear. There are Demonic and angelic moments going on through out the album. Death metal, Doom Metal and Hardcore are strong in this. The very much love that melodic northen European Death metal side of the spectrum. Were I know I could talk about this band to the point of boredom to you I will not. It's clear you need to own this or your extreme music collection will be missing a true gem.