7 Visions from 7 tribes in 7 lands and I bid thee goodnight

Lustre- Still Innocence- CD/ Digital ( Nordvis )

I want to say every time I listen to Lustre  I get a feeling of listening to Summoning and playing  Dungeons & Dragons . As the best way to explain this album is by calling Lustre Ethereal  Ambient Black metal . I love the mideval feelings that  " Still innocence" is given with that grim black metal style in the back ground. I want to say is this is what you would have heard on Cruel Moon Intl or on Napalm  Records old  Ambient sub label  Draenor. The Synths are  very Fantasy and  Swords and Sorcery in presentation. Those distant Black vocals really do make Lustre something special it  comes along. Not much more I can say other then check it out this project is a something special indeed .


Iron Griffin- S/T- CD/ LP /Digital ( Gates of Hell)

Well we  may have  a very  short review here as this is a mix of Power metal and  new wave of British heavy metal and just sounds way to retro for something I can like and the vocals are just too much in that Iron Maiden style for me to like . Honestly this sounds like it was recording in 1978 and it never left there I'm going to say pass.


Cainan Dawn- Fohat- CD/ Digital  ( Osmose Productions)

Epic  Atmospheric Black metal that is something that is  during my attention . This album is  as chaotic and it is massive in sound and undertaking . You can hear the amazing blackened high end guitars and blast beat of an amazing drummer  and those vocals that are one part madness and other part torment . Just they way epic Black metal should come across as you listing to it.  The music is causing chills through out my body and mind . This band gives me that feeling of when I was 1st discovering black metal through tape trades and  over priced mail-orders because of a review I read in a photo copied Fanzine . If your a Black metal fan of the 90's and early 00's then this is an album that must be picked up . Review Done.........


Wolf Counsel- Age of Madness/ Reign of Chaos- CD/ Digital ( Czar of Crickets)

So this is the band that is going to make me just love music this week as  Wolf Counsel mixes  Doom, Sludge, Classic Metal , Early Thrash metal and Prog Metal into something that even has Post metal vibes through out it . So hold on you your horses as what I hear  is the following mix of bands  Type O Negative, Crowbar, Warrior Soul, November Doom, Trouble and Zodiac Mindwarp  into something that just is beyond amazing . There is so much Doomy Dark metallic talent and then you can hear musical moments and vocal moments of bands like  Nevermore , Fates Warning and Iced Earth too. I don't know where to go with this album musically but damn I'm loving every moment of this album damn now there is a heavy Cathedral moment . Wolf Counsel stop it . Now I'm hearing Motorhead.  You just  make kick ass music keep it up .


Catapult The Dead -A Universal Emptiness- CD/ Digital  ( Doom Stew)

Well what do we have hear  is this a Symphonic Dark Rock/ Doom/ Post Hardcore album all at the same time as all that is coming through the speakers are three bands over and over again Devil Doll, Neurosis and Saturnus . Yes  I mean those three band and with that I'm giving  Catapult the dead one of the highest praises ever as those are some of my most favorite bands ever.. The Doom is  flowing and pulsing out at the world with a melody and fury that not many can give the Hardcore emotion and Orchestral way it is presented is what is taking this album over the top for me . Their is a true pain to the music being created and you can feel it through out the album.  There is Heathen and album tribal element to all of this as well . I just will put this on a label that I loved  as Chet from Glass Throat would have loved this band and I feel they many have hear his music and created this band out of his visions. Ok enough already right . Post Doom / Avant Rock and fans of the  Droning  Metallic  Hardcore need to get this album ASAP !!!!!


Spook the Horses -People Used To Live Here- CD/ Digital ( Pelagic )

Post Rock , Post Metal, Other worldly, Fragile , Dark and Threatening with moments of  beauty, sorrow, hope , introspective and concern this is all the elements that are making Spook the Horses just a stunning album . If you a fan of Russian Circle, Red Sparrowes, Mogwai, Slint and Rodan then this is going to be an album you must run for and never stop listening  as it has every everything you want and so much more . it crosses the Metallic, Rock and Avant boundaries so many times there is no point in trying to explain it better then I am. There even movements that remind me of Cave in's , Into Another and  Shudder to think. I want this album to truly never end and when it does I hope the next album of music is ready for me to listen to and reveal to the world.  You know where this is heading and if I do carry one this maybe one of the top 5 albums of 2017 so far for me . 


LÜÜP Canticles Of The Holy Scythe -CD/Digital ( I Void Hanger )

Well  Done Female Chamber music mixed with Avant Folk and  Neoclassic and Jazz element all in with a heathen overtone. Are you a fan of music from Dead can Dance,  Diamonda Galas,  Rasputina's , The Rachels and Elend .  If you like this bands you will love this if not you need to have a strong love for  Neoclassic and Chamber music of the 1700's and 1800's . LUUP are  dark and innovative in a very not rock or pop way. This is music that would be great for a silence film or serious theatre or Ballet piece. I'm just going to butcher the majestic nature of this if I continue talking about it. Modern Classical music is hard to do and this band does it brilliantly.