Nefarious Industries Artist - Laces out Interview ...


1. You create a sound that brings me back to high school and just after Noise/ heavy indie rock . Where did this decade long passion begin?

Getting brought to shows by Steve's sister when we were 13 or 14. Seeing local bands like Sex Machines, Deprivation, LDC, Skeleton Breath, Etc. Steve is the drummer of Laces Out and Pigeon by the way. We have been playing music for going on 16 17 years now.

2. Fugazi, Jesus lizard, Fudge tunnel, Lungfish, Today is the day, Into Another  and Jawbox I hear so much in you. What bands would you say cut your music on ?

The first two quite a bit, mixed in with At The Drive In, Unwound, and like a hundred other bands.

3. Nefarious Industries is you label home how is that working for you. They seem to getting the word out on this release.

I've known Greg a Long time; he's awesome and totally gives a shit! He drove 3 hours from Philly to have a beer and stuff some records... and it's not like he isn't a busy dude. Really excited to see where NEF is heading!

4. How does live show differ from the album?

Hopefully not to much because everything but vocals was recorded live.
And we're probably a bit noisier live.

5. As I see it's been a decade as a band how has the scenes changed and is noise rock more a cult fave after the late 90s burst?

Actually Laces Out has only been around for maybe a year but we've all been in other bands together and the drummer and I have been playing together forever.

6. If any band could cover one of your tracks and make it their special cover. Who would you want that to be?

Eyedea and Abilities

7. In 2017 how do bands keep there name fresh with so many social media, digital zines and electronic noise to cut through?

We don't lol.

8. What are the members of laces out listening to ? Any surprises?

Steve-. I don’t know what ever Spotify feeds me lol hate to say that shit. No um A LOT of podcasts, hip hop jazz and lo fi beats. Oddisee, faraquet, lapalux, been on a fugazi kick lately, brontide, kaytranada, Black Sabbath, mura masa I don’t know how many do you need I can keep going..

(He's a full time DJ lol)

Ray -Lots of Grindcore and bluegrass too

Ed- Young Windows, Hoover, Pissed Jeans, and Risk Relay

9. If a big indie came to you and offered you something that at least for 1st album would allow to quit working and do music full time for a year would you do it? Or is the band happy with successes they have done diy style?

Obviously We'd love that who wouldn't as long as we could come back to our jobs after lol other wise we're all pretty happy... I play 3 nights s week plus what ever shows on the weekend I'm a happy guy

10. This there a running theme for Laces Out songs?

Not really... just a lot of like-minded ideas.

11. New York can be a unfeeling beast for indie bands what's the scene like now I played it in 90s / early 00s ?

We do our best to play shows with bands we like and venues that seem to be drawing.... DIY spaces mostly

12. I was wondering why an EP and not full-length? You have made this reviewer wanting so much more.

Well good because we're recording another one in January! EP because people attention spans are minuscule so 5-7 songs (in our opinion) is the way to go. Basically releasing EP's every few months instead of a full length once a year

13. Do the members of Laces Out have other projects in music to talk about?

We're all always working on multiple projects!

14. If Laces Out ended today what would the band want to be remembered for?

Cool t-shirts lol idk

15. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts here...

Thanks for listening hope you enjoy what comes next or even make it out to a show!