The Heaven's Implode with dark delights...

DESESCRESY The Mortal Horizon- CD / Digital ( Xtreem Music)

Death metal comes in many differ forms and with Desescresy we have a noisy and doom inspired Death metal journey that incorporates a very old school 90's brutal  Northern European Death metal sound of  Finland and Sweden in a full on sonic assault to the senses  . The ultra  guttural vocals and full on fury of tones with a doomy melodic overtone is making this something very special to listen to.  I hear element of  bands like  Autopsy, Incantation, Grave and  Demigod .. I love the slow and low warlike elements coming from the speakers. There is a chaos to it all making you look twice at the band. Cold and Sinister are more phrases I would use to explain what I'm hearing through out the album. I going to use one more that really sums the album up at a whole. Barbaric that is the most perfect of idea's on what tells you you are going to get when listening to Desescresy...

Ankor - Beyond the silence of those years- CD/Digital ( Rock Estatal )

So there are times where a band just comes out of nowhere and hits a nerve and makes you think they have so much potential and the world needs to here this and Ankor . It's time for those outside of Spain to hear you shine. What we have hear is mix of Power Metal, Melodic Death metal, Screamo and Catchy Hard rock over tones. This is very much a mix of  Lacuna Coil, Within Tempation, Crisis, Julie Christmas, In this Moment and bit of Lana Lane for good measure. There are some strong Heavy Alt rock moments of bands like Flyleaf as well . There as a fragile beauty and ugly element to all of this a we go from track to track. There is an electronic almost epic tone at breaks inbetween too, This album has a dynamic range of sounds and genres and that is what taking me in too. The screamo /maddening female vocals work so well with is album especially when the more  lush and angelic moments come in too. This woman can sing and scream do not allow them to fool you for a moment. Very impressive indeed ...

Warbeast- Enter the Arena -CD/ Digital ( Housecore )

This review is going to be short and sweet as this band play a style of  extreme 90's inspired Thrashing metal in a way that is a fist fuck of aggression, fury and hatred . That only a pissed off war machine of Thrash metal could present to the world. This is fast, loud and combustible to say the least . You can hear the passion that was put into creating this from second one. This album is a full on labor of love and you know if your a Thrash metal fan your going to want to listen to this over and over again.

Expander- Endless Computer-CD/ Digital /LP ( Nuclear war now! )

Futuristic in arrangements and  primitive and noisy in production that is what I here with Expander album. This is a mix  of  Black / Death/Thrash all in a buzzsaw and over the top way. If  Voivod, Usurper and Bestial Warlust could fornicate and have a creation of sickness release a poisonous music project on the world then  it would very much be Expander. Have I answered the Goddamn riddle here so you can now just go and buy and listen to this album over and over again. Oh yea they really like dirty Punk sounds as well in that grimy Squat kind of way . Wow this a pissed off musical event that if you like extremity in any way will put a questionable  snarling smile on you face that someone will have to come and wipe off if they dare to do so.. Just listen and see how over the top avant primitive Black thrashing death can be done very well.

Mindkult- Lucifer's Dream- CD/Digital ( Transcending Obscurity )

As the 1st  track turns in my ears and mind I hear a Bluesy Tripping Balls Traditional Doom album that loves the 70's and early 80's of  Heavy rock scene and thinks that Prog Rock of that time was bad ass as well. I read write ups of Shogazing parts of the album and with 1st track I don't clearly hear any of this what I hear is  Deep Purple, Sabbath, St Vitus and Trouble with some Gentle Giant and Mountain thrown in for good measure. This isn't something I am normally drawn too. But the love of Monster Magnet, Atomic bitchwax and bands like Beastmilk too make me want to listen to more to see if it's something that will bring my attention to it fully? There are really some dirge Doom moments musically going on and that is what is making me like this. The vocals are too 70's traditional doom for me . That clean whiny vocal way doesn't win me over but its buried and works much better for Mindkult.  I can even hear elements of Nudeswirl and Mindfunk in this album. Ok thats the best I'll be able to explain this one over and out..

Vindkast -Archaic Collapse-CD/ Digital ( Avantgarde Music)

So this was a limited cassette release in 2015 and Avantgarde saw the magic in it to release it properly, What we have is a Industrial/ Spacial Black Noise album with a tone of distant and flowing atmospheric element through out . The tracks are very long and ethereal to say the least. I would use the words hypnotic and dirge in creating the true vision of what we are talking about this unit like to have reverb and flange in the effect mix at all time. Vindkast come across as other worldly for sure and that is in a very impressive manner. Spacial Black Industrial is what I'm sticking with for a genre of the band and I do like what I'm hearing this is nighttime candlelight reflective Black metal and sometimes there can be nothing better.

Dzö-nga -The Sachem's Tales- CD/ Digital ( Avantgarde Music)

Symphonic and orchestral is how this is starting out as well as ambient black . I have to say the album cover is just brilliant I really love the feeling and occult and native overtone. I would have bought this for cover alone back in the day. Piano based Black metal mmmm reminds me a bit Lustre and Profantum to say the least. The Female vocals are haunting and wonderful with the very Post Black metal presentation of the rest of music and male vocal movements. Now we have mover in to that Pacific Northwest Black metal style as well. There are hints of industrial music arranging to esp in the drums and synth elements. Wow I sorry it took me so long to get to listen to this album as Dzö-nga is one of the more impressive black metal albums I've heard in a while. Keep on this path and I will be wanting to hear more and more from the band..

THE MINERVA CONDUCT - S/T- CD/ Digital ( Transcending Obscurity India)

Just from the go of it this is a progressive Death metal album with some crazy time changes and off kilter idea's going on and I'm really liking what I'm hearing from just the very 1st track I see there are members of DEMONIC RESURRECTION in this band another band from India that is super impressive musically to this reviewer. The vocaless approach to the album really works and allows the complexity and melody really shine of each and every track.  The album will impress any Prog metal band and really get fans of bands like Atheist, Cynic and A lot of  Dan Swano material wanting to listen over and over again it's almost Meshuggah with out vocals that is the best way to explain this monster of an album. The musicianship is so spot on and makes you want to dig into all these layers going on throughout. The synths really work to make it sound very futuristic too. I look forward to the next chapter of this project's adventure.