Just be happy after more then a decade I'm still reviewing music for you all..

Argus From Fields of Fire -CD/ Digital ( Cruz Del Sur Music )

This a  full on  Power / Classic metal adventure that reminds me of bands like  Ice Earth, Rhapsody, Nevermore and Blind Guardian with some strong Thrashy moments as well. The are  an extremely talented band that loved that 80's Classic metal sound of bands like  Maiden, King Diamond and Judas Priest and there is not a way to hide it. Argus like to mix a progressive element as well in the say way bands like Hades , Fates Warning and Armored Saint does. To end it all we mix in some eastern elements as well in the arrangements. The biggest worship in style I hear is with  Slough Feg which they are label mates with.


FALAISE-My Endless Immensity - CD/Digital (A Sad Sadness Song )

This  starts off with an Acoustic, Folksy, Heathen movement with some ambient over tones. As we move into the 2nd track noisy post metal is what I hear with some very avant distorted Blackened vocals . I want to call this Dark metal but there is something even more left of center about this. We  have  broken melodies, nightmarish noise and vocals and a lullaby feeling to what is clearly a cross between Blackgauze and Post Metal . Falaise is the music that puts young demonic forces to bed at night. We have this coming froma Sub label of  ATMF so we know were going to get fringe music going on let's just come to an understanding here. This has a lot to do with what is Avant underground metal in 2017 lets break all the rules and mix Black , Noise, Indie Rock, Shoegaze and Post rock into something the twists the minds and senses into a place that is comforting and terrifying at the same time ... Guess what ?? it worked ..


Council of Nine - Trinity - CD/ Digital ( Cryo Chamber)

Waves of  Dark and  Light in the Ambient and Drone realm come from a place that you know sadness and hope are actually Brother and Sister from the same Mother but a very different Father.  With Council of Nine you reach that point were all things that are unsettling and just off kilter seems to start feeling normal and just the way its going to be from this point forward. I would also say you feel these changes are neither good nor bad they are just what are needed to the growth of all that sounds it. We have a musical sculpture going on here and with out each piece in it's proper place this will quickly spiral into chaos and you can just hear it in " Trinity" that were are so very close to the chaos coming and making the very grey around us in to shades of black and red ...


  Elder Devil -Graves Among The Roots- CD/ Digital (  Medusa Crush Recordings )

What the hell did I just get myself into with Elder Devil ... This  as Noise Rock mixed with Hateful Sludge and Post Hardcore and Crusty snotty grinding over tone. This is madness put to a digital format and set out to the world to do it's worst. I swear this is just someone's most ugly deepest idea's put to a musical format with feedback , doom riffs and a love of Noisecore elements. No sure what else to tell you  Grindcore bands this is the  next step in what you create and present to the world .This is just spewing from the speakers and then at times comes out like Molasses . Impressive is just one thought that comes to mind . Digital hate is the other . This EP is just beyond words and we need more ..


Demon Eye- Prophecies and lies- CD/ digital (Soul Seller)

OK this maybe one of the shortest review I have  ever done. This is Retro Stoner Rock  and I strongly hate this esp the vocals  .. Done


Atriarch- Dead as truth- CD/ Digital ( Relapse Records)

Wow and I could not feel more polar opposite to Atriarch then I do to Demon Eye. This is everything I love about underground music. Dark , Hauntingly Catchy and Grim all at the same time if we can mix  Post Punk, Sludge, Blackened Death and Goth element into some thing more special I don't know how Think Tragedy, Type O Negative, Noothgrush and Melvins into something that Killing Joke would want to have playing behind them before they start the show. Wow I'm totally loving this I even hear Moonspell and Red harvest elements in what is going on here. There is so much wonderful pain here do you all remember Mindrot on Release or Halo this is a more punk version of those band.. I really really love this album..


Nostoc- Aevum- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

Costa Rica huh maybe the 1st time I've reviewed a band from there. This is  Technical / Progressive Death metal in the grandest of fashions my friends.  With Nostoc we go from full on Brutality to some very almost sci fi and  futurist sides of that Prog Death realm. I'm not going to mention bands I'm going to mention labels they would be perfect fit for . Willowtip, Unique leader, Black Market Activities and Metal blade to say the least. They have that mix of 90's and 00's Progressive death you know very well what I'm talking about  complexity and harmonic musicianship. The guttural vocals really do work well with the over all style of the band. I so want them come to the U.S. so I can see them live. Label's I just mentioned this would be a home run signing as the tribal elements that are here that it to that next level. Check out this band you can not go wrong..