Happy Halloween Six Six Six new reviews !!!!

Green Bastard_Pyre-LP/ Tape/ Digital ( Midnight Werewolf)

I know I'm reading this is a New Hampshire based stoner Doom band but as the I listen I hear more a Sludgy Doom band with some very dirty tones going on . This monster of an album is heavy on the low end for sure . There are some  Ethereal tones and arrangements that put it more in Post Doom and  Shoegazing elements. I hear more of an early Mastodon and It is I vibe going on with bands like Cavity and Electric Wizard maybe where that stoner element comes. This is not something I would heard on Rise above as its far too noisey, dirty and groove less. Its the same way people called Solace from NJ a stoner doom band and they were so much a more a Sludge and Dirge Metal unit.  I don't hear the Sabbath and Trouble elements in this band at all.  The vocals do go into the retro side of spectrum but the music is more Drone, Sludge and Noise .. Love the slow and thick low end. Nice work Green Bastard!!!



Okkultokrati- Raspberry Dawn - CD/ Digital ( Southern Lord)

I feel like this the late 80's here as its mixing Proto Black metal of  Bathory and Celtic Frost with Punk edge of Motorhead and Killing Joke and  Death rock of  Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus. I'm not sure if I need to go into even more detail then this as with the elements I have spoken about above you get a full picture of what Okkultokrati is all about. The synths sound like an 80's low budget Sci fi film and work so well in the complete picture of what the band is creating.  If Cold Cave or Kayo Dot today went Black metal it would sound like this. Impressive and Unsettling all at the same time and that is what music is suppose to be.


Nadja- the stone is not hit by the sun , nor carved with a knife- CD/LP/ Digital ( Gizeh )

Aidian Baker and Leah Buckareff are back at it making  Drone Doom meets  Ambient Cinematic sounds . If you had  Earth, House of Low Culture, Flux , Jesu and Phobos all come together and record an album it would sound like Nadja I swear it. It's like Sci fi meets the Apocalypse. Somewhere Devin townsend wants to make an experimental noise album due to picking up a Nadja release . Ok you get the point. Nadja are brilliant and so different then others around them but just never got the push that a bigger label could have done for them so I'm glad they are one of those special bands some of us get to keep all for their own.. Oh and btw James Plotkin mastered the album so that makes it sound amazing..


Blasphemer-Ritual Theophagy- CD/ Digital ( Comatose Music)

Black Tech Death on a path for total and utter confusion and complexity of the extreme metal world. I want to say there is a Grind element in here as well this is what you would here from older Incantation, Revenant , Embalmer and Mortician . This band would have been on Relapse in the early 90's in moments of them hearing this album . Blasphemer are extremely good at the style create. The six years between album has made the band even mover vicious I think . Italy you have an extreme metal force second to none. The guttural vocals are so over the top at time it just makes me smile . They even have the Nile edge going for them. Comatose Music when you have a good band it's really good ... 


Principality of Hell - Sulfur & Bane- CD/ Digital ( Osmose Productions)

Another total retro Black Thrash album long live the 80's I guess it's very simple and short review for this one love Venom, Bathory and  Celtic Frost  then there is no need to look further . Order, Buy , Download this now do not wait this with be your album of 2016. Come on they do Slayer, Sodom, Celtic Frost and Bathory Covers on this album. Enjoy ...


Initiated - World on Fire- CD/LP/Digital ( Svart Records)

Wow this is perfect for Halloween at is a perfect mix of Punk, Thrash and Classic metal . Just for a minute think of  Misfits, Danzig, Diamond Head, Mercyful Fate, Helloween and Man o war all in one album that make it sound like were making a mix tape for Halloween Party of Metal heads .. JUst listen to those solos and harmonies on the guitars and the way the bass gallops and drums are so wonderful and dry you can hear the snap of the small and the deep rolls on the toms. Svart as label has got this down with other bands like Beast milk and Sabbath assembly etc. Man I love this 70. 80's Classic sinister sound . Make me want my denim vest with Patches back . Long live the power of the metallic riff!!!!