6 New Reviews 10/3/16 I'm way behind but getting them to you...

Swampcult- The Festival - CD/ Digital ( Transcending Obscurity )

Just from the early moments of the album I hear elements of Occult hymns being poured from the speakers . If I was to say a genre or a style of the band I would some it up with  Industrial Occult Black Doom. I hear elements of bands like  Samael, Celtic Frost, Emperor , Ceremonium and  Worship.  We have a very Blackened vocal elements mix with Industrial Doom guitar and drumming and the production comes across as raw and punishing that gives you that Occult Black metal flavor. I'm not sure what else to say at this time other then the cold dark primitive elements really add a lot to they way the vocals are projected over the album as whole. There is finally a very progressive undertone to the album as a whole. That Celtic Frost and early Samael really does shine through out the album. Check it out I think you will be rather impressed.


Mars Red Sky- Apex III- CD/ Digital ( Listenable)

This is heading into places that can very shaky for me folks this is Trippy Stoner Doom I normally am not very kind to this style of music and right now with the opening track this France band is not making me hate them is like a theatrical Neurosis at the moment. Almost sounds like the heavier side of Devil Doll . I will tell you want is winner me over is that Prog meets Theatrical elements the guitar riffs sound like they were stolen from Rise Above release and then just thrown in Progressive rock blender from the late 70's . The vocals are too retro for me and that is what is making me pull away from the album. The music is so intriguing why do the vocals have to be so 70's space rock in style .. I really want to like this .


Oatbreaker- Rheia- CD/ Digital ( Deathwish Inc)

Post Hardcore, Noise, Black metal and Doom all fronted by a women that can range from Lisa Gerrad , Karyn Crisis, Diamanda Galas, Julie Christmas  sometimes within the same song. Oathbreaker even after several album is one of the most original and powerful bands of this Post Hardcore genre period. The emotional rollercoaster you go through from delicate , complex avant riffs to Metallic Noise and Raw black metallic passages . Oathbreaker is clearly not a simple or unchallenged listen but the rewards in the end are second to none. The haunting melodies and pain you can feel and hear is the voice and arrangements make a statement even weeks after you have heard them. I feel this is one of the Top albums of 2016 Musically and Aurally .. It's a must listen..


Into the Storm- Where the Merfalo Roam- CD/ Digital  ( Alive and Breathing )

So this happens from time to time 3 genres come colliding all at the same time from 3  different Directions into some that has familiar elements but really is something all it's own. I want to let you all know this is  Sludge, Post Hardcore and Noise rock all into a stew that brings me to places bands like  Early Mastadon, Today is the Day and Deadguy brought us too but then the band said I really like what Strapping young lad, Fantomas and Cavity do as well and let's mix that into this pissing match of aggression and fury .  This could just as be released on labels like Amrep, Southern Lord or 20 buck spin as there are elements where the band would fit with any. The Noise rock side is want makes this so pissed off. Does anyone remember a band called Scissorfight ??? this band I feel could take the next decade in their footsteps. Great work gang...


Cloak of Organs- S/T- CD/ Digital ( Self released)

Female vocals in today musical landscape can be anything  growls, screamed , sung, hypnotic  or arty.. With Cloak of Organs you have something that is a mix of bands like  Made out of Babies, Madder Mortem and Mazzy Star then put the music of bands like Jesu and Cave in with a hint of Dead can dance and Post Rock. You have what the stunningly talented band know as  Cloak of Organs is presenting to the wold. There is a haunting and ethereal melody to this noisey and troubling musical creation. You can hear the hardcore and Post metal moments and lets be honest you have members of Wovenhand and  Planes Mistaken for stars . I think you should have a good understanding on the musical mash up we are talking about talking place here. I hope they get good press and pr worldwide as this self released album is just that good and should be hear world around..


Negative Thought Process- Methylene Butterfly- CD/ Digital ( Hibernacula )

>>>  ????? <<<<< ???????>>>>>  Industrial  Grinding Noisecore with some odd other worldy outcome. Wow is this a pissed off release and a full on sonic slab of piss, vemon and hatred towards the world and all things around them.  The intro is a strange sex story told to me my a female computer???  The rest I'm hearing is just Grinding noise with  hardcore vocalist that wants to make you see how bad the world can be and you are just letting it happen. I'm going to end it as I began as this is a mind twisting and confusing , yet wonderful event all in the same breath. Short and sweet ( yea right nothing sweet about this cluster of nightmares, blasting riffs and power)..  ******%%%%%#####<<<<?????>>>>>> .......