Cloak of Organs Interview is up ( Part of our strong Women in extreme music series)

Cloak of Organs Interview  by Jennie

1. First question I need to ask were did the unusual band band come from?
I didn't come up with the name, but it comes from a Lungfish song.

2. Your sound is a mix of post Hardcore, shoegazing, dark indie rock and drifting melodies.  How did this mix of sounds come to be?
This sound was bound to happen after putting these guys in a room together - I don't think its anything new to them.  I'm the outsider for sure.

3. Members from such well known bands as Planes mistaken for stars, Wovenhand and The Nervous . Why did this not have label backing was this a diy ideal from day one?
Well, getting a label to back you is not always easy.  Sometimes, you just gotta do it yourself -- its nice to have labels pick up your music to cover costs, distro, and such, but music is more often than not a labor of love.

4. The vocals are so hypnotic and haunting what where your inspirations for this vocal style?
Its no secret I love death rock and that I ask myself always "what would Siouxsie do," but I also love Anja Huwe from Xmal Deutschland and Anne-Marie Hurst of Skeletal Family.  

5. Female fronted extreme music artists are not uncommon anymore . What makes Cloak of Organs stand out in 2016 in the bands opinions?
Not uncommon anymore? Well, that's a relief!  I would like to posit that female fronted 'extreme' bands as you say have never been uncommon.  See #4 for some stellar examples.  If they seemed less than prominent in the past, its not because the music scene wasn't teeming with women.  As for whether or not we stand out, I suppose our music has to do the talking.
6. I have to ask as well why an Ep and not a full album .. The songs sound so mature I'm sure you have more ready to go?
We have only been a complete band since this past spring.  Chuck and I were asked to join at that point, so that's as far as we've gotten with recording.  We have several more songs that need to be tracked and more in the works. 

7. What are members of band currently listening to and reading tell us a lot into where the band future is heading.
On my turntable right now is 'Todo Termina' by Generacion Suicida, a fucking killer punk band of the East 7th in L.A.  The Nervous played with them and Rayos X in Portland a few years back.  Love those bands and love those humans.  I don't want to tell you what I'm reading right now because it's essentially a trashy romance novel, but I recently read Maria Raha's 'Cinderalla's Big Score' and Viv Albertine's 'Clothes Clothes Clothes Music Music Music Music Boys Boys Boys.'  I don't know what everyone else is reading, but I'll bet its something brutal.  

8. In 2016 what is needed to be a successful underground band .. things change so fast today.. Is it good PR and touring or social media and you tube or ??? What's your thoughts?
Having never been in a successful underground band, that's hard to say.  I still think boots on the ground touring is the only way a band can (and should) be truly successful.  Finding the time to tour is the most challenging for me.  

9. If you could make a proper video for any song you have what one and what would you want it to represent?
If I'm ever in a music video, I want there to be lots of snakes, fire, fake blood, and I want it to be under a bridge somewhere with people on dirt bikes.  This would of course be for 'Blood Moon.'

10.  I hear elements of bands like Sabbath assembly and Ides of Gemini.. or am I way out of the loop?
I can hear Ides of Gemini in there, maybe mix in a little Swervedriver ... 

11. What is a recording session for Cloak of Organs like?  Does it start with vocal theme, musical idea  or ???
This recording was done in two sessions several months apart.  The tracks were already done for the most part, and then Chuck and I added to them.  It went about as smoothly as a recording session can go - these guys know what they want to sound like and are such talented musicians, there was no need for argument.  I hope every recording goes as smoothly as this one did.

12. If you could cover any song and make it your own what song would that be and how would you enhance it?
We covered 'Promised Land' by Skeletal Family and it sounded pretty bitchin'. We tried to toughen it up a bit, you know, turn it in to a real ripper.

13. I like to ask this question in 4 words explain bands sound to someone about to listen the band for the 1st time..
Get a tape player.

14. Thank you for the time and closing thoughts here
You're welcome.