7 New Reviews from a very distant place ...

Gjendod- Demo 2016- (Darker than Black)

Blistering pissed off  Black metal going at 300 mphs and the war machine behind it to take you off this mortal coil. This reminds me of the most pissed off early Polish and Swedish Black metal we heard 20 + yrs ago. It's almost industrial black in that nature. I hear so much of labels like No Colours, No Fashion and Moonfog early styling going through this 4 song demo. The vocals are bestial chants to another realm and those cold buzzsaw guitars and very very dry drum sounds just make this album hypnotic is so many level one hell of a demo tape look forward to a full album.


Beldam- Stil the wretched linger- CD/ Digital ( Horror Pain Death Gore Productions)

So again Doom has become fractured into many layers but with Beldam we have something very special going on its Blackened Doom/Sludge are you a fan of  Noothgrush, Cavity, Eyehategod and Primitive man then we got the next album for you to get your lazy ass to either digitally download or mailorder . This is dirty,nasty , noisy and just down right wonderful. Listen to the speakers ooze out those ugly low end tones and guttural/ blackened throaty vocals. There is a lot of punk elements in this bitch too. You need to check it out or just be lost in your normal day to day dull drums...


Violent Scum- Festering in endless decay-Tape/ Digital ( Blood Harvest )

Grinding , Punk inspired Death metal with a very noisy after taste and a strong love for thrashing moments of the late 80's . I'm not going to go into grand details about about a 3 song demo tape but it's a fun fucking listen and really melodic and pissed off all at the same time. Remember the old days of demo trading with friend and pen pals overseas this is what comes to mind something you may have never heard with out the underground in full effect. 


Zirakzigil- WorldBuilder- CD/ Digital  ( Prosthetic Records)

Named after a very important MTN is Lord of the Rings mythos. This one of the oddest of combos of heard in a while Post Rock, Doom and 70's Prog rock and yes from the moment go you can hear all three of the influences in all their glory.. Just imagine for a moment if  Isis, Opeth and Black Cobra all came together and had a love of Crowbar .. Well this is what you would get. I know this review and Zirakzigil is very odd to say the least but it's the ideal that hits this bands sound dead on. The 1st track is over 13 minutes long and never get boring in any way shape or form. There is a healthy does of Neurosis going on as well but you would have caught that very early on too. " Worldbuilder" is a massive undertaking and well worth the time to invest into as well.


Centinex- Doomsday Rituals- CD/ Digital ( AGONIA )

So with any album cover like this what did you think you would get . The next boy band or pop hit???  Come on folks this is a blackened Death metal album with some catchy as hell melodies, War like tempos and themes and those vocals that have made bands like  Entombed, Dismember, Brutality and Grave...Death metal legends . If your a classic Death metal fan this is going to be an instant favorite . The tone and talent of the music is just what your looking for . This is as bombastic and  riff heavy. Centinex are just one of the bands from the word go you know what your getting and that is more then fine with this review ..


Paranoid- Satyagraha- CD/ Digital ( Southern Lord)

It's taken me a long time and I style don't understand the term D beat for hardcore but what I get is this it's  Noisy, Crusty, Punk inspired Hardcore with a very Grinding and Dissident tone and if that is what D beat is then Paranoid is amazing at it. Short songs very twisted and I just love this shit to pieces.  I don't really know what else to say but if you love nasty crusty hardcore then Paranoid have really got the market cornered for this and this Swedish force that has a love of eastern ideals needs to make more soon. . Reminds me a lot of Assuck and Spazz in what they are creating with a healthy dose Melt Banana.. Ok I'm done and pleased now lol..


Malevolentia- Republique- CD/ Digital ( Epictural Productions)

Epic/ Orchestral Black Death with a very hardcore vocal approach in the way the whole album is being presented to us. This must be a female vocalist as I have not been given much about this band but I can tell you I can hear bands like Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Sigh, Bal Sagoth and Satyricon in the music be presented to us especially in the arrangements.  The sickness in the vocals are really what makes this band stand out to me. She sounds like she is being tortured while recording the vocals and add such a suicidal element to the over all bands sound. The orchestral parts really remind me of Elend and 3rd and the mortal and even Dead can dance.. Really impressed with the over all approach going on here.


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