6 is better then zero New Reviews for another weekend Shittards...

While Sun Ends- Terminus- CD/ Digital (Wooaargh)

So as I'm starting to listen to While Sun Ends I keep feeling I've heard these elements and then it comes to me  If you mixed Katatonia and Ihsahn's solo material together you would have something very close the difference the add a female vocal element into very much in that Anathema does and it works so well that haunting Angelic vibe really bring in that Prog Death style . The male vocals or very Post Metal Guttural in nature . Textural Tech /Prog side really is impressive I must say . This Italian force is making some very eye opening complex and Beautiful music all at that same time. They do love Opeth as well do not let them fool you. Another shocker from Wooaargh label and glad they keep on sending them to me ..


Macarba- To the Bone- CD/ Digital ( Morbid Vision Music)

So Mark Riddick known for several Metal and Experimental Project as well as a damn fine artist at that. Partnered up withVocalist Adrien Weber. To bring an old school feeling Scifi/Synth heavy Death metal album. I be honest the 1st things I hear are Nocturnus, Early Amorphis and Pan thy monium in they way this is coming across it's as sinister and it is out there and spacial sounding. There is this other worldly almost classical way it is presented to us. You can even hear the medieval element that Mark has been know for in other projects . The Lofi element of the music really work at time to bring the prog death element of the mid 90's sound as well.  I'm really liking this more then I thought I would . Well worth several spins..


Thy Worshiper -Klechdy- CD/ Digital ( Arachnophobia )

Avant, Eastern influenced Dark Metal if you could mix elements of  Madder Mortem, Dead can Dance and Atrox you have something that really pulls together the over all sound of the band. I would even say I hear moments of Jarboe and Julia Christmas in this band. There are so many eastern elements going on here it's going to be difficult listen for many. Negura Bunget fan's are really going to enjoy this as well. Thy Worshiper is for those fringe Dark metal fans that want something that is going to make them and think conventional music Ideals.. We can always use more good music in this style ..



Hollow Leg - Crown- CD/ Digital ( Argonauta)

Dirty fucking Sludgy metal with a piss off hardcore snarl this Hollow leg and the serpents on the cover very well present the sound. As this is going to come at you with vengeance and if you not ready kill you were you stand . Hollow leg irritated vocals and bluesy nasty southern doom sound works well with sick over all tone of this album .  This comes from that Solace, C.O.C , Down meets Cavity and Noothgrush would. If you want to offer this band a drink is better be cheap ass whiskey or they are going to tell you for FUCK OFF!!!. OK I'm Done .


Sylvaine- Wistful- CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist)

The bands name is the one person in the band with help with some guests one being Alcest main man Neige.. So this is Post Rock, BlackGauze, Ethereal , Sensitive and Deep all at the same time. A very twist to what Season of Mist has been releasing as of late they have moved more into Black and Death extremity again. This album really has a Mazzy Star meets Slowdive thing going on there . I almost think we would hear this on Projekt or 4AD labels in the way it was created . Simply stunning sounding album but I think you know what your getting with an album like this . There are so many textures of sound going on here you can not really begin to understand. The blackened vocals are such a stark part of the album they are almost out of place till you really deep dive into the music and see how the play into the dark side of lullaby. Sylvaine you have made an album that is much like Myrkur it's going to mesmerize many and cause loathing by other as your are stepping out of a comfort level for many.


Druids- Cycle of Mobeum- CD/ Digital ( Sump Pump )

Ok This sound like Early Post Hardcore vocalists fronting a Bluesy fuzzed out Stoner Doom band??? Were the hell did anyone think this was a good ideal. Well You know what the Monster Magnet meets Jesus Lizard meets Coalesce actually is a pretty bad ass sound and band. I was worried early on but the more I listen to it the mix of Noise Rock and Math rock into the band makes me listen to it more and more. Something the stoner element is bit much but they do love Cult of Luna too you can hear it in guitars and that is a massive win. Ok I've gush enough about Druids now just go and listen and spend your hard earned bucks on a band that will never be in the Top 40 ...