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Sleep of Monsters- II: Poison Garden- CD/Digital ( Svart Records)

Dark Symphonic Gothic Metal that reminds me of something between Tiamat, Moonspell and  Him . I truly am blown away at the power and majesty that Sleep of Monsters puts into the craft at hand. The eastern musical touches make the album all the more stunning.  The arranging of the music with choir and sung vocals is really breathe taking and has a life all it's own. Just on the 1st track alone the music is so catchy it gets stuck in your head and will not leave.  With Sleep of Monsters there is a element of James Bond Soundtrack as well and the interplay of Male and Female vocals works in that Jazzy, Bluesy 60's and 70's Cinematic movements.  I will say I hear a lot of Nick Cave in this band too and I don't think they would disagree.  I want to say they are very Beastmilk like qualities about them as well. Where to end with this review? I would say this is one of the most addictive Gothic Metal/ Rock albums I've heard in a long time.  It will only take one or two songs to snare you in a well and it will be over .. Enjoy 


Winterhorde- Maestro- CD/ Digital ( Vicisolum Productions)

Another band from Israel and once again the metallic side is very epic , Orchestral and Progressive in the presentation. This album in production and structure is massive and a very Darkwave element in to what they are creating .  Close your eyes and imagine if you will mixing Paradise Lost, Old Dead Tree, Satyricon and Sigh  into something like you normal do not hear. Doom/Death/Black metal meet with Symphonic Prog rock and healthy dose of Theatrical movements. This album again was a massive musical undertaking and should not be taken lightly for anything that is going on here. I feels like something Ihsahn and member of Arcturus and Borkaagar would have loved to take on there are so many elements of  those artists as well. There are times where this becomes a full on Post Black/Death album and has hints of what Therion was doing in the late 90's early 00's . Complex and Haunting is what comes from listening to Winterhorde over and over again. It's now your choice to hear the magic of this release.


Solinaris- Deranged- CD/Digital ( Cimmerian Shade)

There are bands from the moment go you know what this is going to be all about and there are others that tease you with a feel and then turn out to be something much different. Solinaris is very much the latter. I had a feeling with intro of the Amity NY murders this was going to be a gore/ grind album and I could not be more wrong. What they have given me is a very Progressive/ Tech Death metal album very much in the way bands like Atheist, Death, Gorguts and Edge of Sanity.  There are a few total Avant rock/ Art Jazz rock moment s going through out the album. This is going to be a difficult listen for most as there is nothing straight forward about this album and at times more experimetal then metal. I'm very impressed with the level talent going on here . The Basslines, Horns, Percussion and Classical guitar pieces that intertwine with Solinaris full on love of Tech Death metal. Music somethings needs to go off the deep and with this album it does it in the most wonderful of ways..


Mirrors for Psychic Warfare- S/T- CD/ Digital ( Neurot Recordings)

I just love that Neurot records can really be about members of Neurosis making music that why want and not be stuck in any genre with this release Scott Kelly ( Guitar and Throat ) of Neurosis also member of Corrections House  etc. Partners with  Sanford Parker of Buried at Sea and has help with members of Eyehategod and Yakuza.  What is happen here is Noisey Industrial album that reminds you of Middle Period Swans, Dead can Dance, In Slaughter Natives and David Galas Solo material ( best known for Bleak and Lycia). I think you get the picture rather well . There is a lot of that Post Punk/ Death Rock over tone going on with this album as well too.  Mirrors for Psychic warfare is an occult moment and you will not even see it because it will be too late and you're already under their spell.  Some of you may remember a band called  Dream into Dust and there are some very similar sounds to that going on with the album.  Industrial, Drone, Noise, Goth, Coldwave and Occult all these elements make me love Mirrors!!!!!


In Twilight's Embrace- The Grim Muse- CD/ Digital ( Arachnophobia Records)

Epic Death metal is something that stir's many feeling to a old school extreme metal fan like me . This is something that is no small feat if done well and you have just hit the 4 bands that I love for this style . Entombed, Carcass, Bolt Thrower and Incantation and elements of all four are in this album with many others like Hypocrisy, Dawn and Dissection.  The Melody in extreme metal sometime is as important as the brutality and blasting riffs and drumming and the great thing with In Twilight's Embrace is that have all those sounds from  Sweden, UK and USA that made death metal so fucking magical and vomit it out on this album for all to hear. This is a brilliant and stunning Death metal release with some prog and tech metal movements but at the heart of the beast this album crushes!!!!