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Vukari- Divination- CD/ Digital ( Bindrune)

You know when a musical force gives you chills as you think this is something you have heard before but know it's so much more well Vukari is giving me that vibe full on. This is clearly Atmospheric Black Death with a huge does of Avant and Post whatever feelings.  Vukari has the emotional connection down to sorrow, bleak, heartbroken tones. The vocals are more snarls then that grim black metal . I want to say they are going for that Suicide/ Dark metal sound but make it more epic and over the top. If you like what you have heard with bands like Happy Days, Bethlehem, Shining, Velvet Cacoon , Monumentum and Dolorian..  The shadows of the past really play a large role into the sound of this band.  Vukari is about when the hopeless because too much and you just let it go or it takes you. Either outcome will shape your destiny for all eternity. This album is a massive under taking for metal and music and should be giving time to listen to a few times before you make any thoughts on it. Vukari are a force if strikes you will define a muscial style for years to come for many listeners. Very impressive indeed.


Cities Last Broadcast- The Humming Tapes- CD/ Digital (Cryo chamber)

Darkness, Sinister sounds, Industrial revolution, Ambiance, Nightmares, Hopes, Loss , Madness . The list can go on and on this are the things and ideas I pull from listening to Cities Last Broadcast. Does it really matter that it's a side project or a other project of main creator of Kammarheit . Well if it does to you now you know. What I hear is a delicate and demonic dark ambient/ drone project that has taken the time to make this a living and breathing piece of work that if you close your eye would be able to picture the world in which this would come from ..  As when this broadcast ends it will no longer matter because what ever is left on this realm is no longer going to care to hear what the next day has to offer. This is an unsettling musical event to say the least and if you can make it through with out losing some of your humanity you were a better person then I. Stunning work ....


Fractured Insanity- Man Made Hell- CD/ Digital ( Xtreem Music)

Death metal comes in many styles and thoughts these days but there is a style of this music that always gets me going and makes me remember why Death metal is something I really love . When you can mix  Brutality, Melody, Technical complexity and a great groove to the style you have one me over. Fractured Insanity you have done all this plus brought in Thrash and Black metal elements into the fold as well to make something that Swedish, Dutch or Tampa Death head would find great and moving. I would say this has more to do with Old School Earache ,Displeased and Relapse days then anything else. I'm not going to mention bands here you get it. The vocals and guitar tones has a very War like metallic cry and the bass and drums are the wall of sonic destruction you want when thrashing around in the pit.  Fractured Insanity give it their all on each and every track. There is not filler Death metal here. Again Death metal isn't about groundbreaking new styles the best is those that take a bit from all they loved before and make it their own..  


Third Ion - Biolth- CD/ Digital ( Glasstone Records)

What do you get with members of Devin Townsend Band, Into Eternity and Annihilator coming to create a band. Sci fi, Thrash, Prog, Extreme metal, Post weirdness.  I want to say that this something that sounds like others  and it really doesn't at all. There is a heavy melody to the music and the vocals really sound like a mix of Faith no more, Volbeat and Fates Warning . Post Sci Prog Metal is the silly words I would tie together to say what your getting here. This album just kicks so much ass it makes we want to pull out all my Dog Fashion Disco and Galactic Cowboys albums out as there is so much of that vibe going on here.  I really done want this weird and wonderful journey to end at all.  Just as a huge warning your going to need to really love Prog Metal to get into this and for one I do. Check it out if you do this will not disappoint. 


Near- Our Sun- CD/ Digital ( De Tenebararum Principio)

Some times it's hard to define a band and then those moments come along were the words you right will be short and sweet and make all that are in the genre understand what a band is presenting to the world. Near is the following are you ready  " Shoegazing atmospheric black metal" there are no surprises no twists and turns. If you like your Black metal full of reverb, looks and raw as fuck then my friends this will be the album you will not stop listening too. Let me tell you Near is really God damn good at the music the are presenting to you as well. Near is the music that nightmares are formed and live within. As I said this will not be long ...


Haiku Funeral- hallucinations- CD/ Digital ( Aesthetic Death)

Always expect the unusual when you see it's on Aesthetic Death and thats a good thing.  Electro Black Death with a strong industrial over tone. This is like Electric Hellfire Club, D.H.G and Swans  had some kind of twisted love child of hate and confusion. This is some of the most grim and hateful circus like music I have ever heard. This album is kicking my ass a well. This is something I would think would have been on Moonfog, Code666 or Season of Mist with how bizzare and Electro Metal it is. I really hope this band gets some serious press as they are so different and original in sound it makes me want more and more. I has a lot of elements of Mayhem's- "Grand Declaration of war."and Aborym. Haiku Funeral slither like a snake around tones that range from Industrial Noise to Oriental to Jazz to Post Metal .. I don't know where to begin or end and that is the way an album like this should be there are some strong Fleurety moments going on through out this beast too. All I can say is keep doing what it is you do and never make the same album twice..


Iskra- Ruins- CD/ Digital ( Southern Lord)

Holy Crap this band is just going to knock you on you're collective asses. This is one of the most pissed off in your face female fronted bands I've hear since Immortal Bird and they have similar elements as they both have the love for Crust and Black metal . Iskra is a nuclear warhead on course with full on destructions. If you could make Marduk have Crust elements this is what Iskra would be . Through out listening to this album all I want to do is hurt anyone around me in a pit to release the torment in my mind and body. Southern lord has a way of finding the most extreme in what ever music they are going to release . When it comes to the root of it all this is a Crusty Hardcore band that has elements of Swedish Black metal screaming through out it's songs.  I hear so much of Oathbreaker in this band as well . They want to call this Black Crust and who the hell am I to say different that explains it very well. Iskra is got me under the spell and I better hear more ..


Lightsabres- Hibernation- Tape ( Medusa Crush)

Alt rock stoner crap I can't get past the 1st song. That main riff had such promise. This is just fucking awful.  This sounds like 90's alt rock trying to add stoner elements. Why am I writing more about this still. It's because I want to wear all those within 1000 miles of me reviewing this to run far far away from this album out random ideas and forgettable songs...


Caina- Christ Clad in white phosphorus- CD/ Digital ( Apocalyptic Witchcraft)

Industrial, Glitch, Noise , Black metal and the Fury of a 3 headed demon dog that about sums up the album that is presented to me by Caina. This is Black industrial noise and the only mission statement needed is " If your in the way of this band move to the side or you will be torn limb from limb" There is a sonic wall of hatred coming towards you that no one will be able to escape. I may have to say that these are not humans of this earthly plain creating music like this as the madness, torment and suffering coming from the speakers I feel would has torn most human souls apart in the recording process of the album. I think this album is the perfect way to end humanity as there really can not be a band or project more pissed off then this. They have a running with Stalaggh for being the most nightmarish release I have ever reviewed. Good work kind sirs...


Beyond Sensory Experience- End it all- CD/ Digital ( Cyclic Law)

How can haunting tones and epic sounds be so terrifying and wonderful to listen to at the same time. Maybe my mind is just that twisted . I don't think so but maybe. This is one of the most unsettling Dark Ambient/ Drift/Drone album I have heard in a long long time. This must be what you see, feel and hear just after the 1st minutes of death. As you try to figure out if you are still alive or not. The loneliness and sorrow mixed with excitement of the next realm to explore and what the after realm is really all about. There is hope, fear, reflection, confusion and reasoning all at the same time going on through out this album. Yes I understand this is for a very small musical genre but we are a very strong cult group and something this impressive should be shared with the thousands of us out there that really do love dark experimental haunting music. Ok I think I got my point across on this one. 


Throes- The viper womb- CD/ Digital ( Aesthetic Death)

Wow I was not ready for this I thought with the spoken word ambient/drift intro we were going to get something closers to band like Manes or Fen??? but no this was a fist fuck of noisy metallic industrial rock with a good dose of full on electronic hardcore.  I know this is going to come across as odd but if Propain, Sick of it all or Madball were mixed with Industrial and Noise rock they would sound like Throes.  I know they are calling this a metal album but Throes are so much more then that. The Hardcore and Tones and Avant elements really do shine through out the release. This get more odd and interesting as the album goes along but then again did you think you would get normal with Aesthetic Death if so you are fooling yourself. The metal elements are much more subtle and mixed in through out this release. This is very much a left field kind of release and will grow as you listen to it more and more. Impressive most Impressive..