Sorrow Plagues Interview is up

1. Please tell us a bit about the band as Sorrow Plagues are very new to my readers
1. Sorrow Plagues is the Atmospheric Black metal solo project of me, David Lovejoy. Started in august 2014. Since then I've released 3 EPs and recently just released my first full length album.

2. The sounds I hear are very much in the Shoegazing Post  Black metal style . How did this sound come to be?
2. I was very inspired by bands like Deafheaven, Woods Of Desolation and Lantlos. They Influenced my choice to go in the Black metal direction. Bands Like The Elijah, Devil Sold His Soul And Rinoa influenced the more atmospheric side of my work.

3. You released this independently was this done because in 2016 with Bandcamp, Soundcould, social media and good PR labels are not so needed any more?
3. I'd agree with that! There's a lot available nowadays to help out independent artists.  

4. The production on on " Sorrow Plagues " gives me vibes of bands like Velvet Cacoon, Wolves in the throne room, Sigh , Burzum , Myrkur and Fen. Where these influences on the album?
4. I am a fan of most of those bands but I'd say the only one that might have had an influence was Wolves In the Throne Room.

5. The UK seems to be a strong home to avant black metal in general what is the scene like in 2016?
5. I think there's a lot of good stuff in the UK. I'm particularly interested to hear the new Saor Record!

6. If you could make a video for any track on the album which one would it be an why?
6. I think it would be Awaken. I think a great story could be told alongside the music.

7. This being a one man project does Sorrow Plagues want to ever perform live or is the studio were its best suited for?
7. I have plans to start taking the project live! I'm not in a hurry, but it could happen this year.

8. Does Image and Visuals still play a big role in this more mystical and mysterious Black metal style?
8. It doesn't really play a huge role. But for my album covers I always try and use something that fits the atmosphere of the music.

9. How did the composition of new album come to be ? did you start with a selection item like synth lines and layer it or was the album fully written out and just ready to recorded from the start of the session?
9. Each song was done completely differently! I don't really have a system when it comes to writing and recording. Fade took about 6 months to write. Awaken was written about 2 years ago and I just couldn't find a good place to put it until now. Redemption was written and recorded in one session!

10. There is such a haunting and hopeful vibe through out with the tormented vocal and guitar movements. What are you trying to get through to the listener?
10. I hope that the listener can interpret the music in any way that they feel. I just write as an expression of my emotions and don't intend for it to be received in any specific way.

11. What artists of projects are impressing you musically at this time?
11. Oh well there are a lot of projects impressing me right now in a variety of genres. I think everyone should check out Intervals - The shape of color. I can't stop listening to that album.

12. How does the earlier material a yr or so back differ from what we hear on " Sorrow Plagues"
12. The earlier material is way more depressive, I think every release I have put out has sounded more and more hopeful as time has gone on.

13. The more I listen to it  the more Post Rock elements I hear from bands like Pelican, Mogwai, Caspian and Russian Circles are these bands inspirations as well?
13. I get a lot of inspiration from post rock bands like the ones you mentioned, yes.

14. What you you say to inspired new musical artist about to get there music out to the world? Anything to help them or suggestions on how to promote their art?
14. I'd say don't worry if your work is not perfect in your eyes. You obviously want to make sure it's as good possible, but don't sweat about tiny things. None of my releases would be out if I was still working on all the imperfections. Just let people hear what you have to offer the world! Try to use as many platforms (eg bandcamp,youtube, spotify, itunes) as possible to expose your music to a wide variety of people!

15.Where do you see the future sounds of  Sorrows Plague heading?
15. Honestly, I don't know. But that's exciting :)

16. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here..
16. Thanks very much for the interview.