Listenable Records Artist Villainy Interview is up ...

1. For those of us new to Villainy tell us about the band?

We are into a lot of different styles of music and try to incorporate this into our own.

2. Listening to Dim I hear elements of Bathory , Celtic frost and Voivod. Did any of this band influence you?

I would say that Bathory and Celtic Frost have been important for the early sound of the band. Voivod not so much. I never really get the comparison to Voivod because I’ve never been into them.

3. Being in the Netherlands you have a huge metallic music history do you feel that has shaped the band at all esp with labels like displeased and hammerheart being there?

We are shaped the things that are missing more than the that which already exist. 

4. If there are any song of the new album you could create a proper big budget video for what one would it be and why?

We aren’t into video because we feel that the quality of music is that it is always abstract. It tries to tell a story which you, at all times, have to finish yourself. Making a video would ruin this wonderful aspect of music.

5. You sound is a mix between prog metal Sci-fi  / tech metal and Post Black metal . what kind of bands to you like to perform with?

Any band that brings something different to the table! In the past we felt most satisfied when we did shows with Valborg, Inquisition, Shining, Pentacle, In Solitude.

6. In four simple words how would you explain Villainy sound to someone that never heard you?

Backwards cosmic rainbow-dust-dust.

7. How does the album differ from the band live. Which do you feel more expressive with in studio or on stage?

We feel much more expressive live. The beauty of music is that once it is played, it is gone in the wind. It leaves no trace, and you can never return to it. So each concert is unique. The recordings are but a dead memory. This doesn’t mean I’m not satisfied with the album. I’m very happy, but the music really comes to life in the moment.

8. Is there a story or a theme that runs through Dim at all?

The first chapter, Res Cogitans, is about thought-matter. The second one is about the loss of time, which has a lot to do with music itself. (see question 7) The third chapter is about never fully comprehending you are alive. So all the three chapters are about that which makes us human but has no form, or is incomprehensible. Hopefully this answers your question.

9. Metal seems to be the one music form that fans are fanatic about do you think this digital age is helping or hurting the indie metal artist?

We are from a different generation and we grew up with downloads and stuff. So we don’t know any better. I think the digital age is good because it enhances the formlessness of music that I mentioned earlier. On the other side, metal fanatics are mostly collectors so I understand that people would want to buy vinyl or CDs. I think it is a good thing now that the world can provide digital, and CDs and LPs.

10. How did you come to work with Listenable one of the bigger metal labels in Europe now?

A friend of ours bought some of our CDs and sent them to Listenable. Our music took their interest and everything took off from there.

11. What bands are impressing the members of Villainy currently?

Anything interesting! From the blackest black metal to hardcore to psych to pop. Personally, the latest David Bowie album blew me away. 

12. If a Major label came to Villainy and offer to release and promote the next album . Would that even interest the band or are you in best place on a larger indie label?

No idea! That would depend on the contract of course. For now we are in a fine place.

13. Do the members of Villainy have other projects the perform in if so tell us about then as well.

Our drummer is involved in a Death tribute called Death Machine. Go check it out!

14. Where do you see the new material heading for Villainy .. 

More extreme, experimental or are you very pleased with current sounds and just going to expand on that? We are people that get bored very easily so I think you can expect something totally different. I’m expecting it will even be a larger step than Villainy | - Villainy ||. It will be more experimental.

15. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts place here. 

Thank you for the questions!
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