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Amiensus- Ascension- CD/ Digital ( Nordavind Records)

 Well welcome to a realm were fantasy , sci fi and horrors are a daily quest for those within the dimensions around you. Amiensus is  symphonic post  black metal with heavy prog elements that has been masterfully done by bands like Emperor, Dimmu Borgir and Borknagar . If these bands impress you then Amiensus will bring you home as they are as melodic, dark and massive as those 3 bands and open new doorways of expression as well. The also has elements of bands like Solefald and Falkenbach . There are some strong Viking/Folk movements happening through out. I really am a bit taken a back by this band as it's the familiar that draws you in , It's the unexpected that keeps you there. This album is a majesty journey and it feels like it's just the beginning . This is a band that will get noticed and you can say I was there early on .


El Caco- 7- CD/ Digital ( Indie Recordings)

There is something coming out of Norway that looks like it's been 15 yrs in the making. El Caco is a mix of  Heavy Grooves, Melodic Thrash, Catchy Hardcore sing along choruses and a Sleazy Punk element that just makes you want to have a pit and pogo at the front of the stage at the same time. This band is infectious in tone and riffage. These are the kinds of  songs once you hear them you can't get them out of your head. Heavy enough for the metal heads and harmonic and complex enough for hard rockers and prog heads to love it as well. El Caco how are you not on arena tours and large theater venues with bands like  Down,  Seven Dust, System of a down &Tool etc..  This is an ass kicking heavy rocking album that needs to be heard by the masses.


Fall- The Insatiable Weakness- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

Those Dualing Harmonic Guitars and sweeps with the war machine drumming  in conjunction with mix of  Melodic Death and full on Prog Metal vocals. Fall is a mix of bands like  Enslaved, Gorguts, Pain of Salvation, Devil you know, All That Remains etc. This band is what makes Texas metal so over the top they mix so many style into the band and then still have that feeling that you heard this before but you know that you have something very special going on. Death metal mixed with Prog , Tech and Melodies is something that I'm really a sucker for . There is modern metal elements as well this band could very well be signed to Willow Tip, Nuclear blast or Listenable and you would not be shocked.  It's really a new age for indie metal and expression is the key. Fall you are the 3rd album i'm reviewing and another album I so glad to have the honor of doing so for ...