10 New Reviews to twist your warped mind

Unborn suffering - Nihilist- CD/ Digital ( Self Made God)

As the album started I was very much second guess if this was the album for me. OK the 1st minute of the album I down right hated and then it was magic time folks. Grinding , Tech Death metal in that wonderful way bands like Brutal Truth, Napalm Death , A.C., Exhumed and Abscess comes ripping through the speakers like a missile straight it the heart of those that were hoping for the Ultra guttural gurgle that started the release. There are some full on crusty hardcore moments as well and samples from some of the best anti establishment movies of all time. Make it a guessing game. Unborn Suffering as a full on talent on it's own and make you think with every twist and turn as there are moments where I hear elements of bands like Human Remains and Burnt by the sun going on here.  Self Made God has one me over with a very rocky beginning with Unborn Suffering.. Nice work Gentlemen ...


Snow Burial- Victory in ruin- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

So the description of this band is sounds that maybe should not more in a normal setting but lets begin. Let's just say bands like Strapping Young lads, Swervedriver, Sunny day realestate, Isis, TAD and Thought Industry got together with love of bands like Melvins and Mr Bungle and then said for the hell of it lets really put our love of the DC Discord records sound into it all to confuse you even more. So suckers if you want a genre tag how does this one take you on for size "Shoegazing Post Metallic Emotional Hardcore ".  Snow Burial is what the 21st century extreme music is truly all about be what you want to be and let the world tell you if they give a shit or not? We have a complex, thought driven roller coaster of  skill, drive and imagination going on through out the release. Oh and if that is not enough for you to wrap your head around let's add some Math rock movements to the whole thing as well.  Good luck mortals as  Snow Burial just kick ass on so many levels...


Oceans of Slumber- Winter- CD/Digital (Century Media)

And now for something completely different... This is a fragile, transforming, progressive journey wrapped around a guise of metallic elements. If you like artist like  Lana Lane, The Gathering, later 3rd and the Mortal and Lacuna Coil this is where the band like Oceans of Slumber shes to set sail on . There are darker gothic Doom passages but this is very much a heavy Prog rock album with nods to that ethereal Doom and Death metal past of bands like Theatre of tragedy, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Katatonia.  With Winter there are a very mature beyond the ages sound of this band.  Century media is mixing what should really be an Inside out artist on to the Century media direct artist in my humble opinions. The textures and soundscapes are much more serious and suffocation in the why the manic and beauty musicianship comes into play. Cammie vocals are just down right stunning with the mix of clean and guttural male vocals. I know it sounds like i'm gushing about this album but it really is that impressive.. Take a risk you will be drawn in as well.


Negative_crush- Invisible weapons- CD/Digital ( Solid Grey Sky Recordings)

Wow more Shoegazing electro Post metal.. Maybe this is a full on genre now and I didn't even know it. Were this comes to me is Somewhere between Katatonia, Jesu and The God machine. There are strong gothic and industrial moments of bands like  Sisters of Mercy, The more experimental ways of Nine inch nails and God lives underwater . There is a level of sadness and bleak moments. I want to even say at times I hear elements of Lycia and David Galas solo album. If you like labels like Projekt, Eibon and Middle Pillar then you got something going on here. The haunting melodies are really what drive this album to making me want to listen to it over and over again.  Negative crush have such a dreamlike after life element to the music and the distant  chilling vocals make it all the more hard to give up on listening to. This music can really be an aural drug to many.. 


Voivod- Post Society- CD/Digital ( Century media)

So Montreal monumental futurist metallers are back with a new ep. They are not down to Away and Snake are the original core members but this is one of the most experimental moments I've heard from them in well this is more a nod to Nothingface and Dimension Hatross then other releases. I would have to say they have some of those very somber moments from Outer limits going on here as well. At the end of day this very much a Voivod release and over a few album Chewy has made sure that Piggy's guitar legacy has not been lost but he takes on the arrangements in a way that lets the world know he has taken that mantle and put his own stamp on it. Chewy as a more sci fi element then so tech and avant way about his guitar tone. Blacky bass tones are gone but with new bassist we get a sound more familar you when E-one was in the band. Just super glad to have more Voivod and tracks that show the talent of a group that over almost  three decades still are on the cutting edge of modern metal music..


Wake- Sowing the seeds of a worthless tomorrow- CD/ Digital ( Sentient Ruin Laboratories) 

Ok so lets get it out of the way this album just slays all that are in the way and rules musically, mentally, sonic like and the review could just end with Buy this or fail at life. There is so much more about  Wake that rules to the tenth degree. Genre defying as it's a mix of  Black Crust Noisecore with heavy ass back beats and crushing vocals and guitar tones... There is no where to run with a band like this . The hatred and pain is so toxic and real that you just get enveloped into the mood swings of the band and the intricate way the band layers all the tracks from melody to fury is just another nod to the magic the album presents before you.  If your a fan of Tragedy or Rosetta then you will get where I'm going with a band that sounds and projects from the tops of mountains like this.. You do have two choices join up with the winning musical team or just get the fuck out of the way..


Talmud Beach- Chief- CD/ Digital ( Svart )

Where the hell did this band come from?? I don't think this is something for me.. It's very 60's blues/ avant rock . They are too mellow to be ZZ top and to simplistic to be traffic or cream..  Talmud Beach sounds like that band that would have been the intermission act at  Woodstock or Us festival. Sorry this going to be a very short review. This is really boring the shit out of me. You need to either me more blues or more rock this is so much of a grey area all around.


Manicscum- Acidic Remains- CD/ Digital ( Unspeakable Axe )

Holy shit I really wanted to say this cover that I'm looking at was so demo tape in manner that I was going to review the album off the cover then listen to band and see if it was close.. Damn it I so should have done that. Manic Scum is a retro Tampa styled Death metal band that is just a blast to listen to as they mix the elements of all that early 90's Death metal mojo . Punk , Thrash and Hardcore into a sound that would revival Cannibal Corpse, Obituary , Brutality and Morbid angel early on. What else is there to say. They remind me of where Bloodsoaked is making us remember why Death metal was a music we were all drawn to the power of the riff and vocals. Extreme comes in all forms and sized and this band makes us remember all the fun and fury this genre started us off with...


Dark Oath- When Fire Engulfs the Earth- CD/ Digital ( Worm Hole Death)

There are times were a good Symphonic style of darker metal is just what the doctor ordered and with Dark Oath you get a female fronted Symphonic Black Death metal but the vocals are grim and guttural in fashion the music mixes elements of gothic, epic and melodic extreme metal. The production is again second to none though I would say the Synths are a bit to high in the mix for this guy. If your a fan of bands like Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Tristiana and Arch enemy this band will be nothing but a enthralling journey for you. There are also some strong Viking and Fantasy metal moments through out so if your into Bal Sagoth, Mithotyn and Fleshgod Apocalypse you will be a very happy camper as well.  There can never be enough good epic metal and glad to see Dark Oath in the fold.


Life's December- Colder- CD/ Digital ( Plastic Head)

Extreme Tech Broken Industrial Death metal that at times can have a mix of Gothenburg elements then move into the most distructive sounds of bands like Gojira , Textures or bands on labels like Willowtip or Unique leader. There is what the band calls Deathcore but I think they are much more then that. It's sp bass and downtuned heavy with those great tech metal breakdowns. There are Dark metal and Industrial elements going on as well. This is not your average band and I would never want them to be. There is just so much violence and chaos going on in and between all the track and riff I love it. I hate this term of Djent bands as it doesnt mean shit. I will end this review with this "Ultra Impressive Band!!!!"


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