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Pombagira- Flesh Throne Press- CD/ Digital ( Svart )

So what I'm getting from this band is a very Prog inspired fuzzy out heavy doom release that reminds me of bands like Trouble, Cathedral, Shrinebuilder , Dark castle and Idea's of Gemni.  This is a very old school 70's early 80's vibe with a cleaner darker doom sound not so wall of down tuned . There is a major occult feeling through out the release.  They have the early rise above and revelation records doom vibe going on which can be seen as stoner but I think Pombagira have just a taste of that sound and like to add that more Desert Doom sound that bands like Kyuss and Man's Ruin really shined with. There is very much an Earth and Melvins edge to this album as whole too. Well worth checking out ..


Norse- Pest- CD/ Digital ( Transcending Obscurity) 

So this is black metal ??? This is so much more then black metal.. I would say Black industrial proggy Noise rock is were i would begin there is so much going on here with some many styles. They sound like a mix of Aosoth, D.H.G, Abyorm, Havoc Unit  these are the sound I get out of Norse. I just love the dissidence and bleak sounds that come out of this release. There is a darkness and madness all at the same time. " Pest" is an epic release in all its rights and journey.. I love the off put of Jazzy tones with harsh industrial elements all with that very noisey and raw blackened vocal and guitar deliver. I must listen for the true underground extreme music fan.


Maestus-Voir Dire- CD/ Digital (Domestic Genocide/ Glossolalia)

The intro to the 1st track that is 21 minutes long is very neoclassical and then as we get into the band this is a very epic black doom release that reminds me of many bands of that genre we do not need to get into the bands . The vocals are grim black male vocals and the  music is music more a somber doom tone over all. There are these amazing chanting male / choir like movements going on through out as well. " Voir Dire" is a massive undertaking I would say there are even shoegazing moments with this .  I didnt want to do this this but someone loves Dolorian a whole lot as this is the vibe I get through out the music I hear on this Maestus release. They are another very interesting project from the Northwest US. The Rain, Mountains, Desolation and Rebirth play a huge role in many of the bands there. Wolves in Thrones Room, Agalloch and Ash Borer etc.. 


Hierophant- peste-CD/Digital ( Bridge Nine)

Noisey, Post Hardcore with moments of full on Grindcore. This is one pissed off album and I'm clearing in awe of it's fury and power. It's almost what I would call a rebirth of the Power Violence movement from the West Coast 80's 90's mixed with bands like Oathbreaker and Napalm Death.. I'm really digging this release over all.  The wall of feedback and the very hypnotic riffs with a vocalist that wants to cause the weak to fall and the the world to crack up and let the neither realm take control is just what we need with a release like this there are some strong Integrity moments through out this journey as well. This 21st hardcore and it works very well over all through out the entire release.


Downfall of Nur- Umbras De Barbagia- CD/ Digital ( Avantgarde Music)

Ambient Black Folk is what I'm getting here. Loves the Pianos, strings, fragile drifting guitars and odd percussions. There are many many pagan elements through out the album as well. This is another of those complex thinking man's releases . It clearly is not for everyone but if you like you fringe black metal with a very strong atmospheric and otherworldly side then this is going to make you want more and more of Downfall of Nur. There is a very massive element to " Umbras De Barbagia" as it goes from Lush and delicate to full on blistering hate through out the release. Another album in a long line that is one that will take several listen to digest and really see the magick and wonder in it all. Not much more to say other then. You really need to hear it so respect and honor the power of this release..


Domovoyd-S/t- CD/Digital ( Svart)

So this a total Heavy Prog rock album that will take many twists and turns. There is  a Space rock, Post Rock and Avantgarde element that keeps on through out the album. I love the very complexity and minimalism that ebbs and flows through out the release. The power of a reverb out organ and guitar and a strong rhythm section that knows how to play with the music and not over it makes all the difference in a Prog band. There are some kick ass noisy movement on the album as well. This is very much a play and let it absorb into your mind because once it's in there you will need to listen to it over and over again.  This is something that reminds me that would have come out on Gravity label , Tzadik or Temporary Residence labels. There are some spoke word moments. It reminds be of bands like When and John Zorn  material.  Svart keep my hope alive that true indie labels can still exist and thrive..


Haar- The wayward ceremony- CD/ Digital ( ATMF)

More wonderfully morose, industrial, noisy black metal with a sickness and complexity that just is something that makes this style of music all the more intriguing and thought provoking. The occult and ritualistic element work well with that heavy driving bass and wall of sonic reverbing guitars that are cold and distant but work with the music blackened hymns that come form the stench of the vocalist words . This is clearly Post Black metal in all it's twisted glory . There is madness around every riff and corner of this release as well as doorway's to other realms some you may not ever want to see but you need to for the growth of you mind.  Haar is a band to watch and will be something of a cult favorite after this aural adventure . We need more of this for sure.


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