My Top 5 Doom Bands of all time

This is my opinion and why !!!!


<br />Dusk

 DUSK- US Doom /Death band that was just crushing slow and lumbering with mournful organs and the decay of the human spirit. This band never got the press or push it should have essential 

<br />Ras Algethi

Ras Algethi-  This  Italian  Gothic Doom Death force is the band that took it to a new level for me . Mix Sorrow , Pain , Sadness and Darkness and Slow it down with a Gothic Horror movie back drop !!! This Band morphed in Canaan an impressive band on its own rights

<br />Mournful Congregation

<br />Mournful Congregation

Mournful Congregation-  There are several Funeral Doom bands out there but pound for pound nothing comes close to these Ozzie's You can hear the Torment and Last breathe of life in this band.  Enough Said


<br />Dolorian

Dolorian- This Finish Force mixed  Doom, Black , Ambiance and Goth elements into one of the most nightmarish landscapes one can ever here. The Music is as mysterious and haunting as the band itself. 


<br />Thergothon

<br />Thergothon

Thergothon- One demo and Album and never again and they changed a genre and generation This is Funeral Doom , Doom Death and  JUST DOOM!!!!.  Another Finish force Slow creeping, errie, bleak, brutal, dark, ethereal and suffocating all at the same time.If there is any band you check out make it Thergothon!!!!

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