7 New Reviews 9/8/14

Unwilling Flesh- Between the living and the dead- CD/ Digital (Eihwaz Recordings)

This is a sub label of the mighty Bindrune label with a flare for Death metal of Swedish kin. Unwilling Flesh remind me of Dismember, At the Gates and Unanimated . We have that buzzsaw guitar and bass tone and the melodic gothenburg death metal over tones. The vocals are very in the entombed and dismember vibe a well. Hand down its my favorite death metal style I will not lie. Nuclear Blast and Earache fed it to me from mid 90's to early 00's . Unwilling flesh do give it a bit more of the hardcore element like At the gates did as well. This is a very timely release with that very band re united to the world.  The production is really 2nd to none and love the artwork.  There are some very amazing melodic moment that really stand out  here and I would love to see them live  Love that more dirty guitar sound and just the passion in the playing with this band. I look forward to more from this project..


Internal Bleeding - Imperium- CD/ Digital ( Unique Leader)

I know this is not popular but I've never seen why this band had a buzz around it its like a 2nd tier death core force. they recycle Obituary and Death riffs and sound like all those JL American release in 90's I'm not going to dig very deep into this at all. The production is very thin and dry and they want to be tough guy death metal with a hint of prog/ tech elements. There are dozens more interesting albums out there on Unique leader alone. Ok done....


Svengali- Unscathed- Digital ( Self Released)

This band is from Dubai and is a wave of middle eastern metal hitting our shores over the last few years. The mix Prog, Death , Hardcore and Sludge with that eastern/ oriental element mix in if Salem , Bilocate and Aghora melded you would have something similar in style. The sound is a bit thin over all but the songs as very engaging and love when they really add the prog metal elements into the music that is when the band shines . I just keep hearing Kirk from Crowbar fronting this band the vocals as just so similar the sung and chorused vocals are shocking at 1st and then really make the album something special it goes into that gothic symphonic mode. This band is as interesting as confusing and I know that is what is making me want to listen to more of this check them out for a very unique ride.. 


Dhwesha-Sthoopa-CD/ Digital ( Dunkelheit Prod)

Indian Death metal this is not something I can say I've reviewed before . They are a mix of Brutal, Low end, Eastern and Complex Death metal. If you were just to get the album because of the kick ass album art you would say this a mix of Nile, Bolt thrower, Incantation and Extreme thrash metal ... There is that  Slow Slumber Death metal tone but the band is more a mid and fast tempo throughout. They have those thrash metal guitar tones and the drumming is  a double kick experiment into odd tempos and time changes. The vocals are  guttural and dark at the same time.  You just know some occult elements are going on here remember Indiana Jones and the temple of doom  this kult is right now there with that  my friends.  The structure of the music at times reminds me of early Amorphis as well too. This band is one to watch as with time and more exposure they could be  a Death metal force..


Woodtemple- Forgotten Pride- CD/ Digital ( Sacrilege Records)

Blackened folk/ pagan metal full of acoustics, choirs, grim vocals, lo fi guitars and  un processed  drumming . You know what you getting here this is raise you sword to the skies to the Gods of old for battle, life , praise and pride.  If you like bands like Falkenbach, Summoning, Arkona, Windir,  and Drudkh then you clearly have another force to add to your collection. This is extremely well done and full of synths, hymns and the elements of black metal you want in a northen Germanic style.  Woodtemple is not an easy listen but you would want it if this was the case. Allow Wotan to hear your primitive side one more time with Forgotten Pride..


Myrkur- S/t- CD/ Digital ( Relapse Records)

A one women post black metal journey that just about floored me when I hear it . As complex as raw as primitive as progressive and plays directly to the most personal places of ones mind and emotions. There is such a haunting element to all of this . In the press release the do get it right mix Alcest, Deafheaven and Wolves in the throne room but also in that mix is Third and the mortal, Madder Mortem and Amber Asylum. If this what I'm offered on an EP then I will have to tie myself down for a full album and we have at any time 3 to 4 genres of music intertwining and expanding into a dark and beautiful new form.  This release can be as bleak and angelic . Relapse may have of the most interesting band of the last few years here with Myrkur. 


Sons of Crom- Riddle of steel- CD/ Digital ( D.M.P)

I don't you this term often but I would say this album is down right Anthemic in all levels . We have Classic Heavy metal with a good dose of Thrash and all in a very Viking/ Folk over tone. If Manowar, Borknagar and Dan Swano  were to have a jam session I get a feeling it would very much come out like this. There are some proggy moment as well. This is a very again thinking man's album as there are so many layers going on. Were Opeth have lost that magic over the last few releases Sons of Crom have taken that mantle and ran with it. There is a fragile, epic , bomastic, majestic and just massive  sound happening even on the most simple of tracks , The most power moments are really just an acoustic guitar, piano and vocals here. Riddle of Steel is something that is very very special and once you hear it you will not be able to forget it either.