6 New Reviews 9/23/2014

HOD- Book of the worm- Cd/ Digital (Arctic)

What can be said about HOD right off the bat is that this is a  furious Black / Death album with a lot in common with some of the more extreme late 90's Thrash bands out there. They do have a kinship in sound with bands like  Incantation, Deicide, Sodom, Kreator and Hypocrisy in what is being created here. There are some killer solos and bombastic melodies with that full on Death/ Thrash vocal style that your hear were a Death metal band has a love of punk and hardcore elements. HOD is controlled chaos at it's rawest form. I so glad they found a label home as Ibex Moon was a great label and sad to see if go into slumber. There is such a catchy element to this extreme music style . HOD will be on repeat many times for this reviewer.



Where am I , How did i get here and why is this album stuck in my head... Fuzzed out Proggy Hard Rock with a heavy Avant garde statement going on here .  I would like to say that if Monster Magnet, Mogwai and Ariel Ruin with touches of bands like Sleepy time Gorilla , Tub Ring and  Mr Bungle at times.. BlackWolfGoat is a band that is just beyond words you need to really hear it to believe. At its heart the guitar is the focus by the layers of all above mixed with industrial, Electronics and Drone just that this band to something way beyond just run of the mill and into the realm of ground breaking and fringe . If you like the mellower sides of  Kayo Dot and Subarachnoid Space then this is a win win for you my friends


Taatsi- Amidst the trees- CD/ Digital ( Forever Plagued)

This Finnish Duo come from a very symphonic raw black metal vibe that happened in the mid to late 90's with a strong wave of bands like  Manes, Kvist, Dimmu borgir , Early Arcturus and Limbonic Art. There is a haunting and  eerie beauty about a release and flow of an album like this with the  pianos, synths and melodies of a lost dark time with the occult and grim vocals lo fi guitars and very punkish black metal percussion going on over the entire canvas. Taatsi is a great remembrance to a time when Black metal was a new frontier of expression.  My Heathen soul and heart are with this album. It comes into that early Ulver stage to with Amidst the trees as well Northern Europe has not forgotten the heritage and that is what is most important. Keeping the Folk stories and hymns alive always...


Aevangelist- Writhes in the murk - CD/ Digital( DMP (Europe) / Hells Headbangers ( North America) )

 Avant Industrial Black Noise is what i will call this to being with. An album that is as forward thinking and  ground breaking as any I've heard this year or in last several . If I was to label it Aevangelist is impossible to due so as there are so many style going on. I would say the bands that come closest are MZ412, Ved Buen Ende, Blut Aus Nord , Behexen , Code and many others. You get where I'm going with this . This is beyond outsider black sounds you needs to want the very aural landscape to be blistered, scarred and pillaged to the point of end times when the world is about to die. This is an album for the apocalypse hands down. There are so many ritualistic and occult ideals here it will take months just to get the basic understanding of what is going on with every track. I could go on for days about what I'm hearing but this not what my zine is about. If you miss out on this your missing out on groundbreaking material is all I can say ... GET IT ......


Gust- gust- Cd/ Digital ( Southern Lord)

Ok so you know what I'm going to keep this one short and sweet. Full on Metallic  Crusty Hardcore with the DIY stamp all over their souls. If you love bands like  Nail, Baptist, Neurosis, His Hero is gone, Tragedy, Kiss it goodbye, Killing Joke etc them you need to not only own this but go see them and get thier damn merch as this is how bands like like Gust survive and grow. Are you into Bay area Crust/ Punk movement and the same in Boston and Nyc then my readers Gust will make all you musical dirty thoughts come true. Just a kick ass release ..


Saille-Eldritch- CD/ Digital ( Code666)

Experimental  Epic Black/ Death  in they way bands like like And Oceans, Solefald, Borknagar  and Emperor. The song writting and arrangements are just 2nd to none and that melodic black metal with the pagan and occult over tones and the horror themes is just making this another reason why Code666 is one of the premiere labels of Post black metal and the more Avant side of extreme music . At time they even come into that Prog metal side of musical score . There is from nightmarish extreme metal to lush symphonic's  to fragile acoustics and soundtrack elements going  on sometimes even within the same song or part of song.  Saille is one of those bands once you hear then you never forget that sound or style.  They have moments I swear could be in Devin Townsend or Ayreon  concept album. I just want more form this band sorry if I'm greedy but great music is not something easily come by in 2014...