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Lord Mantis- Death Mask- CD/ Digital ( Profound Lore)

What if it came to your mind to mix the elements of Death Metal, Post Hardcore and add in moments of Sludgy Doom of the Nola vision then say you have a Tech/Electro element mixed in of  something say like  Aborym, D.H.G or Havoc Unit. Lord Mantis is a sonic wall of chaos, hate, passion and nightmares into a experimetal wonder journey. There is a love for Voivod and Godflesh going on here at times as well. The really do mix the four layers of  Doom, Death, Black Metal with Post Hardcore into to something very much all its own and then some. Over the last Decade Metal music as a whole is moving into something new and Familar all at once for this reviewer I hope it never stops.  Lord Mantis is about being that and more.. This is a must listen...


Dornenreich- Freiheit-CD/ Digital ( Prophecy Productions)

So with this the 8th release by Dornenreich we start off with a Black Neofolk release and it seems to like to grow from there as its going more and more avant as we move from tracks. If Devil Doll, Der Blutharsch, Of the Wand and the Moon and Ulver could mix with a very Pagan/ Viking element  mixed in we would have Dornenreich who seem to align themselves more with Tenhi  in sound and feeling. There is sill a Black metal soul to this but in a much more folksy way.  Then it happens as we hit the middle of the release the Bethlehem, Deinonychus and Shining elements come back in full force. The Dark Metal sickness can never be removed and with Dornenreich all always about the sum of the whole never the parts . We would want it no other way . The strings  areally complete this record with the light and dark always as war in this band. If you never have hear them before what are you waiting for . Dornenreich has never had the same album twice and I thank them for this and will look for number 9 now as well...


Ormgard-Ormblot-CD/ Digital ( Forever Plagued)

Swedish Black metal is now a trademark in the sound and evolution of the style and Ormgard continues the cold and grim sound that many before them have done. This is a mix of Raw and Symphonic as its has those Synths you know your waiting to hear but the guitars and drum production is very low fi and primitive so its almost a mix of the two world where they were going to be a raw BM force and then saw how the synths can add an even creepier element to the songs as a whole and the vocals my friends are just what you would think. Shrill, Nasal and Throat ripping . If you a fan of the old days of Black metal when it was all about Corpse Paint with Torches in the Snow then you will love everything that Ormgard . If your looking for ground breaking Post Black Metal this is not the album from you. Some times its just good to hear the original ideals are this there in the now 3rd generation of Black metal bands....


HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY-Aokigahara- CD/ Digital (Art of Propaganda)

So I hate to say it but Blackened Post Rock has almost become its own genre these takes where they mix Shoegazer elements with Black metal then see the way to add a drifting overtone to the album and make the product even more haunting then you once thought it could be as the sorrow factor comes into play. This is where bands like Joyless, Fen, Agalloch and Deafheaven have all come into the forefront of the musical worlda and we have a new entry into this style with HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY!!! If you do not like the bands I have mentioned above then this will be a huge pass for you if you do then Aokigahara is going to be one of those albums that will get many many listens. Right down to the production this album works the droning tones with the tormented vocals and cold and brittle symphonic way the guitars and bass are arranged it makes this oh so epic at times. There is also a passion and fury to all that is coming to pass here.  This band give you that wow moment like the 1st time you hear Arcturus or Solefald just at a reference. They are taking what Deafheaven have done and make it a bit more goth and post rock which is what is making this sound all their own. Another band that has this vibe is Oathbreaker if you like them you will get the same wow out of this album and they cover Tears for fears on the vinyl release come on folk that just kicks ass..


Diabulus in Musica-Argia- CD/ Digital ( Napalm Records)

Well Well Symphonic Metal is not dead and its with this bands that infused Thrash and Death metal into its lifes blood to make Diabulus in Musica. Lets be simple are you into Therion, Rage, Dismal Euphony, Theatre of Tragedy, Nightwish and Trail of Tears then you have found the next gem to your collection this is not something ground breaking at all just a talented musical force that knows how to arrange and create fist pumping, head banging  symphonic extreme  metal music and we will always need this the mix of  Female clean/operatic and Death metal vocals is a classic sound and works very well here again and again.


Funeral Presence-  The Archer Takes Aim- CD/ Digital (Ajna Offensive)

There is no big secret that this label is one of my favorites in the world. They take risks in sounds, format and styles where many other labels will not and with Funeral Presence they have done it again its like mixing  elements of Mayhem with Sabbath Assembly and Veds Buen Ende all at the same time it to some Jazzy Post Black metal band with a 70's Fuzz and Folk like over tone that i'm not sure if this is a bizzare avant movie soundtrack or one of the most unnerving Black metal forces I've heard in years. Funeral Presence also has a very Punk statement to the music as a whole to. Every band on Ajna Offensive is a shroud in mystery and lore and its no different with this one . Risks are good when they work and with  The Archer takes Aim another risk and challenge has paid off. 


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