5 New Reviews 4/13/2014

King Dead-ST- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

King Dead is on of thse bands that are just something your going to love or hate there is no middle ground with a band like this. They Remind me of Earth, Isis and Silver Mt Zion mixed together if they were making a soundtrack of a 70's western. Its fuzzed out, bluesy, atonal and just has the creepy vibe to it that you know they want to be something outsider. The band consists of a 6 and 4 string bassist and drums and make some of the best Fuzzy out Post Rock Americana I've heard to date. The band is from Pennsylvania but I swear their sound is more  Louisville KY are that were bands liek Slint, Rodan and others came from that have the same ideals. This band would have been on Touch and Go or Merge records yrs ago with out a doubt do to the tones going on here. Check out King Dead you will not be disappointed ..


Lenore S Fingers- Inner Tales- CD/ Digital ( My Kingdom Music)

This project has a lot in common with there label mate KLIMT1918 in sound and style as they mix Prog, Avant Doom, Acoustic and that Haunting Atmosphere in to something very breathe taking. If I was to say this band is a mix of bands like Alcest, Anathema, Green Carnation,  3rd and the Mortal mixed with bands like Mazzy Star and a band on Projekt records called Mira.. The Female vocal are are beautiful and subdued at the same time. The music is a neoclassic, folky, Doomy and Goth all at the same time. The arrangements if in with Anathema as the even most minimal of passages are stunning but when the orchestral elements come in as well it makes it all the more special and draws you in . This is not a metal records as Anathema is no longer a metal band but still very steeped in the traditions.  


Lantlos- Melting Sun- CD/ Digital ( Prophecy Productions)

As this band grows into it's 4th release the Atmospheres and Post Metal sounds ebb and flow around the band they are be coming for of a Ethereal Rock band then anything of a black or doom metal force. The are becoming what bands like Canaan , In the Wood, Monumentum and This Empty Flow. I think you see were I'm getting at. Lantlos still has those Metal crushing moments but in a more melodic and droning fashion that works so well all over Melting Sun. This album is an experience more then just a collection of songs. As my year progressive I can hear the beauty in the mix of bombastic, fragile, lush and epic all in one project. I do not want to call Lantlos a Prog band but they are fully fringing on that direction with Melting Sun. There is something that like many Post Rock/ Post Metal bands its a familiar sound that brings to this side of the musical spectrum and keeps you coming back for more. Prophecy Productions just as some the most interesting bands on their roster and keeps getting them.


Arkona- YAV- CD/ Digital ( Napalm Records)

So this band just gets better with every release. I saw them live in Arizona on Pagan fest a few yrs ago and they Stole the show with their mix of Viking. Folk. Pagan Metal with a female front women that has the power, passion and talent to lead this Russian force to where ever they want to go. With Yav they have gone into a more progressive element were bands like Amorphis, Falkenbach and Tyr have all travel in the 21st century there is something that work well with Folk an Pagan metal when you mix in Avantgarde and Prog Rock elements the organs and synths just add an extra something to it all. The Drums and Bass seem to be coming from a more King Crimson and Yes style these days as well. The growth of Arkona from 1st release to this is just amazing and I think the backing of a larger label like Napalm has really helped them experiment in the studio as well. Arkona creates Myths and Legends in the songwriting and I hope they don't stop anytime soon. YAV is a winning all the way around.


Triptykon-Meland Chasmata-CD/ Digital ( Century Media)

Ok so where to begin with an album I have been waiting for after Eparistera Daimones in 2010 . Which a darker more sinister verison of Celtic Frost with a very eastern element to it and with the new release in 2014 Tom G Warrior has made an album that challenges that massive debut by leaps and bounds. There is something about Triptykon that is just all consuming the music is a mix of Dark, Doom, Black metal mixed with a Hardcore overtone that is melodic, crushing and forward thinking all at the same time. The Spoke vocals and the droning bass lines with the primitive percussion really make this a spectular of an album with the mix of female and choir like vocals . If your a fan of bands like Deinonychus and Bethlehem you will be hooked with Triptykon as this is the theme of the music. The complexity that Celtic Frost had is not lost hear either. So as I come to a close with this review the 2nd full release is the next step for a band that is creating and breaking down genres all at the same time. Also the cover is just amazing to say the least it fits the theme and music so much words can not express. 


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