Big Changes in 2014

Greeting my Friends , Fan, Followers

Big Changes are coming to 2014 

1st a big move is about to happen I will be relocating more on this soon...

2nd Working on two recording projects

Manmilk  ( Drone Doom, Noise, Post Punk) Think Godflesh, Swans and Killing Joke all  wrapped into one. I'm vocalist for this project and will be doing this in Spring 2014 at Dead Games Studios in Tampa FL..

Broken Hands for Brilliant Minds  ( Post Rock meets Shoegazer  Brilliant) Mixing elements of Swervedriver, Mogwai, My Bloody Valentine and Caspian. This is going to be a complex 8 song release about 

 Its about a person who died in elevator of nyc hotel in the 1920s and it trap there forever watching the world chance only by people that enter or by what they see as the doors open on floors. The music is a mix of post rock, shoegazer and triphop. 

3rd- As All Die has a 2 song 7" ready seeking label and will be playing a show in NYC with A Murder of Angels  , David E Williams and more in April 2014...


 Absolute Zero Media will be going to more live shows in 2014 and doing Video interviews with bands.. Look for this