Few New Reviews to start back with 4/6/2013

E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr:  K O M E T E N B A H N -CD/ Digital ( Svart)

So where to begin with this picking this 1st out of a stack of Album reviews is going to be taxing to say the least just from listening to the 1st few tracks I hear a love of 70 German Prog/electronic like  Can and Kraftwork mixed with bands like  In the Woods and Ulver would be were this band is hitting middle ground right now I would say there are some very strong Pink Floyd and Subarachnoid space moments . This is very prog in the way that post black metal and post rock bands are going these days. Its Drifting and spacious but still very in the rock element and vibe. The use of analog synths really make it stand out something you even get that later amorphis or mandible chatter sound to them so what I'm trying to say is this is all over the play. Theater of the mind kind of stuff.. Svart is one of those labels that is really on the fringe of modern music and I thank them for that. If you have seen movies like Legend or Krull this is the music you would expect to hear . Check it out with an open mind as this is some very over the time musical moments that surge deep into the electronic realm...


Bovine- The Sun never sets on the British empire-CD/Digital ( FDA Rekotz)

Sludgy Noise Seattle flavored Grunge Doom is what Bovine has given us image for a moment is Melvins, Soundgarden, TAD and Isis all formed a band at once and has a love for bands like Queen, Muse and Neurosis. Yes Bovine is fucked up and its just how you want them to be nothing typical an element of their surrounding , full of piss and vinegar this is so heavy and massive in sound you could this material is a major action film like GI Joe or Transformers at the end when all the destruction has already taken place and the next chapter begins. Wow Bovine has floored me with a release I was clearing not ready for. The Big fuzzed out 80's hard rock/ Thrash metal guitars are following through this down tuned monster I would say that they love all thing from Touch and GO as well because they have that 90's Chicago thing going on as well you clearly will know what I mean when you listen to the 1st two tracks. I swear there are even somber acoustic moments that are so crushing and somber filled you swear they took them from Death Angels Act III album. Wow just wow folks an album not to miss..

Kaledon- Altor the Kings Blacksmith-CD/ Digital (Scarlet Records)

So if you like power metal in the vein of Rhapsody, Angra, Savatage and Blind guardian or Helloween then this is something your going to love . Its midevial and classic Iron maiden soaked Power metal as epic as epic comes. There is not really much more to say these kind of bands will go on till the end of time as good classic metal really never gets old or out of style just goes back to the underground and has the fans meant to love it there in the large clubs rocking out and watching in awe of the musical and vocal talents of bands that will ring through out the ages!!!! Raise your swords and ale steins high my friends.. 

Black Cowgirl- S/T-CD/ Digital ( Restricted )

This is Stoner rock in the highest of orders if you like bands like Kyuss , Monster Magnet and Black Sabbath this going to be a thing for your collection at times I love this album for the 70's Fuzzed out sound but then at time it becomes all I hate it just gets to grooved in nature and drives me away . When they are doing the Desert rock vibe I really like it but the trippy elements that bands like  Queen of the stone age or Orange Goblin and Sheavy throw at me is what is really making me not like this . The Deep Purple moments are what really kick ass in my opinion. Why does Black Cowgirl have to be catchy and annoying at the same time why I ask why??????

 A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL- Gorgos Goetia- CD/ Digital ( Forbidden Records)

Raw Occult Black metal that I remember getting in the mid 90's from the darkest more heathen realms of Europe and would scare the hell into me. Well this is what  A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL is I do not want to use the word retro but man it is clearly nice to hear a band that remember what Black metal was all about mix equal parts punk, thrash and speed metal in a blender make the production as dissident as possible and add more high end to the mix and finally no purpose add a element of sloppy timing to it just to say in the abyss the torment is more then you ever will be able to handle. If you like Bathory, Darkthrone, early Behemoth or Graveland this will be a wonderous adventure for you with 12 tracks of gritty and cold black metal . 


Empyrios- Zion- CD/ Digital (Scarlet Records)

Straight our of the minds of Devin Townsend and Meshuggah comes Empyrios. This maybe one of the most brilliant slabs of Progressive Tech metal ever. The mechanical movements of the riffs and drumming are second to none and the vocals are on levels you may not hear again unless Devin Townsend decides to release another strapping young lad release. I would say there are moments of bands like early Queensryche going on here as well and if you like a band called Fates Warning but more aggressive then this will be another moment in time for you all. This album is really just making my head swim with the level of creativity and arrangements within just one song forget the album. I would expect to hear an album like this on Listenable or Willowtip or Sensory on how complex and prog it really is with that mix of modern tech death metal going on. Let the machines come forward if this what we are going to achieve...