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En Nihil

1. This is a much darker and noisy journey from the last few releases. Are you going into a more death industrial phase?

Well the different elements of dark ambient and death industrial have always been there . Even as far back as my debut cd ."songs from the crimson pool" wich was released in 1996. .i did several cassettes in the 90s that had a lot of the death industrial and dark ambient elements i guess my most well known cd "death keeps "on red stream was considered a dark ambient record and a lot of folks don't know . that has been the only record I've done that has almost no elements of harsh noise or industrial sounds to it..

2. You have one of my favorite industrial album on red stream from yrs back . Howb have you seen En Nihil progress over the yrs?

Thank you. The aesthetic and basic themes and inspirations has remained the same.but I'm Older and Bit more weathered by life this time around.. En Nihil is at its base description Dark heavy electronics that can't be peogonholed into one style but pulls from the best elements of dark electronic music such as noise ,power electronics and death industrial/dark ambient. of course without being cliche or derivative. The progress has happened naturally to an extent. I've honed my production skills and gotten better with recordings and performance.everything gets professionally mastered .the quality and representation is pretty consistant since my resurfacing in 2009 . I've gotten kinda of obsessive about continuity with every release instantly Being recognizable as En Nihil . Same logo and a similar look with the art work and fonts etc...

3. You have worked with many labels over the yrs but now you seem to found a home with Eibon do you feel the same?

I like working with Eibon a lot.mauro does a great job.and he's really stood behind the new album .more so than any other label I've done a proper" Album"for. There has been little discussion in regards to Eibon being a "home" for En Nihil though.. I work with a lot of smaller labels as well for the more limited and small run splits.But as for a fallow up to "the approaching dark"being released on Eibon .. I do not know. I don't even know if there will be another album at all. I've made No plans to record a new album as of yet..

4. What music, movies etc inspires you to create currently?

That's a tough one. I think En Nihil is more a need to express and exorcise demons..also daily battles with depression.more so than it is a direct result of musical or pop culture influence. I've never really looked at any one artist or piece of film specifically as influence . Sure I love a good horror movie .and various artist under the banner of extreme music. I enjoy the darker side. But I don't really take from it as a direct influence or inspiration for my work. It's more about life and the shit i go through .that is we're Most of my "inspiration"comes from . If you will.

5. I know you work and produce under other monikers tell us about any out side projects from en nihil.

Actually En Nihil is the only project ive had And it's just me.. I'm the only member. always have been .. in term of "off the grid" projects.. i did in fact produce some experimental beat / drum n bass stuff several years back in collaboration with a friend of mine under the name "innerwar" but it was not released in any significant number and was only a one off project that had little to no exposure or promotion.. Other that . Nihil was the original moniker I started with in 1994 but after like 2 demo cassettes and 2 tape releases I changed it to En Nihil to signify the evolution of the project and to also avoid being confused with other artist using the name "Nihil"

6. If you could make a long form video forn En Nihil what would it look like and what tracks would be featured?

Interesting idea.Not really sure about that. I would probably like to do it as a original sound track . Maybe record new work to go along with the images some one else comes up with... A few fan made videos have surfaced from the death keeps album and really look great, they've managed to capture the mood and atmosphere of the tracks pretty well. But for somthing like that I would be open to ideas and And would want to put that in the hands of some one with a good knowledge of my body of work and a vision for filmmaking.. Filmmaking is somthing I know nothing about. But would like to see more of my stuff put to images . At least to see what others get out of it and how it inspires them from a visual /video making standpoint ..

7.whats your thoughts of the experimental/ industrial scene in 2013 is it a new underground rebirth or have the digtial age changed all that?

I come from the ol days .. Tape trading . Fanzines, going to shows .. Work work work To get noticed. So naturally. I thinks it's a bit bloated and over crowded with shit..its way to easy these days to have a project run a label, etc etc. social media has kinda of taken the work ethic out of the under ground a little. I'm no expert nor do I claim to know.. I just feel like there's way to much half assed crap out there that gets attention for the wrong reasons.. Most of these will not stand the test of time. And projects are always coming and going.so who knows. I kinda wonder what a lot of these people would do if facebook and twitter and all that other crap just ceased to be... A lot of the scene wouldn't even be left standing with out those social media tools. Go back to snail mail. Going to shows and and sending countless demos away to get label interest! Good luck!

8. The latest release on Eibon seems to have a deeper theme please tell us what you can about that.

The approaching dark. Has been interpreted by the majority of the reviews as a concept album about the end of humanity and world after Humans have ceased to be.. And for the most part that is correct. But only at face value.. For me it was a very hard album to make .it took at least a year to complete and i was having a hard time in life during its creation. For me the approaching dark was a personal statement and on going awarness about the fragility of life and the inevitably of death. At its most simple... at the time a felt as if a dark cloud was hanging over my head and I could not escape it. Negativity was pretty much engulfing me most of the time. Fucking my life up putting a huge strain on my relationships.its like I couldn't see sunlight no matter how hard i tried. And I felt it was all coming to a head and I was always heading into a storm of sorts. I dont want to get to personal or reveal to much . So I will leave it at that.

9. Would want to perform with En Nihil live currently?

Not very often. But indeed I will be this april .en nihil is headlining this years Apex v festival . My first east coast shows, and probably my last. Atleast for a long while .im a hermit and a recluse when it comes to En Nihil live ..also I work too much to plan and play regularly. But if somthing special or worth while presents itself I try to make it happen..the live show is a physical and mental drain on me ..so that reason in and of itself keeps the live show from being a regular thing for me.

10. Is there a current artist making music that you would like to expose to a wider audience with this interview?

Honestly not really..Too many to mention and I'm not really sure what the point of it would be as I don't listen to new music often enough to have a valid suggestion.. Um...how bout leyland Kirby..he does beautiful ambient sound scape and minimal electronics.

11. Black metal seems to have a strong kinship with darker industrial projects. Why do you think this is so?

I don't have a a real awnser for this as I have not followed black metal very closely . Or industrial consistently over the years. I've lived with out mass exposure to music for some time and have only recently in the past couple years had consistent access to a computer and been able to re educate my self on what's been brewing in underground music over the last 15 years. Maybe the amount of one man black metal and one man industrial bands is this kinship in wich you speak of. Other than that I don't know. that and the extreme musical nature of both genres..

12. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts here..

Thanks for the interview.

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