New reviews 1/06/13

Sophicide- Perdition of the sublime- CD ( Willow tip )

This tech modern death metal in all it's complexity. It goes from brutal and guttural to fragile and ethnic / eastern elements to almost prog death at other time. SOPHICIDE is like if you had  Dan Swano , Meshugah, Amorphis and Death all collabing on so very avant metal project. The vocals have the very war metal or Viking death vibe you all know what I mean by this.  With sophicide you also get this amazing melodic catchy edge. The guitars are 2nd to none. Reminds me of the 90s thrash and death days when it was about crafting the sound not just low and a million riffs at one. There are even jazzy movements. A band to fully check out. SOPHICIDE is impressing the hell out of me.

Ptahil- The Almighty Propagators of Doom and Despair- CD ( Wrath Productions )

Oh man black , thrash and punk can be brilliant or some of the worst music ever. Well Ptahil thank you for making this dirty ugly and just what sick minded underground metal fans want. If Motorhead and Darkthrone had a musical project together then decided that adding industrial elements like Vond, Beherit and MZ412 would fuck it up to a level of chaos many never hear then welcome to the corrupted temple of Ptahil. This band makes its work like few can. There are even crust moments going on here.. we need more Ptahil as most bands today play it way to safe. This is the 2nd release I've had the honor to  review. Waiting for the next with baited breath.

Culutus Sabbati- Asgardsreia- Digital release only

Industrial noise with some very metallic moments is what I'm hearing from this rather secretive project.  Who are completing a trilogy of releases with Asgardsreia .For this release other will be digital only and free. Cultus Sabbatical is not looking for anything more then to spread their sounds to the world. This reminds me of projects like Valfore, Glen branaca, Sunn0))) and Merzbow all wrapped into ritualistic and ethos visions of the end times. The Drone, blackened distorted and chanted vocals mealy does make this an eerie journey to say the least.  The more twisted moments of Swans and Steve roach come across here strong as well.  This is very avant occult release not to be missed.