5 New Reviews 12/8/2012

Antimatter- Fear of A Unique Identity-CD ( Prophecy Productions)

I know I'm one of the reviewers that follow to the beat of my own drum but if you could mix Saturnus, Katatonia, Tenhi and Old Dead Tree into one force you would have Antimatter. Mick and crew now how to mix Post Rock, Folk,  Avant Prog and Doomy Metal into something that is all their own but yet something that is oh so familiar. I really like the Electronica mixed into the Fringe music that they are creating from what I'm reading that Antimatter is a full band not and just a collab of member with Mick this time out. They have that sound that Bush did when they went more electronic as well too. I want to call it Alt Rock at times but that really belittle's what is going on with  Fear of a Unique Identity. There is a bit Katatonia vibe going on esp in vocals and arrangements. This is a must listen people check them out one of the best bands on Prophecy's roster..


Year of the Goat- Angels Necropolis-CD (Van Records)

So you like fuzzed out 70's Heavy Rock and  80's classic metal with a vocals that has the Plant, Deep Purple , Cheap trick thing going on then this Proto Prog metal band is the place to run too. If Sabbath Assembly was a fully on hard rock/ metal force then you would have what Year of the goat is. The guitars and vocals are amazing. I swear at times its Mark Lannegan of Screaming trees fronting this band . The Bass and drums work so well with all that is going on its goes from the most delicate of arrangements to the most bombastic and complex of ideas. I love this album more then words can say. I'm going to work on getting an interview with this project. These are Anthems in the making . Another band that comes to mind is Muse as they sound a lot like them. This could be the Arena Rock of 21st century.  


Void of Sleep- Tales between reality and madness-CD ( Aural Music)

So Doom comes in many shapes and sizes and flavors. This one is were Prog and Stoner mix with full on Doom/Death.. If your into bands like While Heaven Wept, Agalloch and In the Woods with a hell of a dose of Novembers Doom. You get where I'm going with this. This is some off the wall Doom going on here. Void of sleep like to experiment in the Post metal sound as well so get those moments and learn how amazing they can sound mixed in with the main Doom sound. The Reverb is a key effect to the sound of this band. Aural music has something special here I'm more shocked they didnt release it on there more experimental label Code666 as it would fit perfect. Void of Sleep is the real deal check them out and you will become a follower of the thier temple of sonic rumble.


War from a harlots mouth- Voyeur-CD ( Season of Mist)

The very 1st thing I hear as I get a chance to listen is  Meshuggah, Devin Townsend and Manes all going into a free for all fist fight musically. War from a harlots Mouth. Is  Death, Black, Jazz, Sludge and Math core all into one soup of wonderful controlled chaos. They have a Post Hardcore meets Voivod thing going on as well. This band is all over the place and I would not want it any otherway. This is and S.O.M is looking for to take over the void missing from the demise of And Oceans for this reviewer. There is a disturbed madness and brilliance insanity to this band all at the same moment. The complexity and layering of sounds and feelings is second to none here. The Jazz core touches remind me so much of  band Virus its sick. No pun intended. Wow just fucking wow... I need to hear their earlier material for sure now. 


Burnt Books- S/t-CD (At a Loss Recordings)

Sludge, Crust, Punk mixed with Noise core element you all know I'm a sucker for this so Burnt Books is just that think Jesus Lizard, Melvins, Floor, Damad and Made out of babies with all the sass , piss and vinegar of any Amrep, Slam a hap, Theologian or Hydra head band..  Look people Burnt Books is just that a band to though convention out the window and make it all there own. They use female vocals (sometimes they are that of Karen Crisis and Julie Christmas at the same time) and Banjos on this album. At other time this band is a wall of anger that even a trained MMA fighter knows better then to screw with. This is hills have eyes music my friends go in with caution as you will never come out the same. If you even ever come out.