Adversum Artist Yurei Interview is up

1. Tell us how Yurei came to be, has it always been a one many force?

I’ve been playing and making music since the early nineties, and I’ve had solo-project all the time as well as various bands. So in a way Yurei has been with me from the start, but under different names.
The Yurei name came to me around 2004, but some of the music on “Working Class Demon” hails from the second half of the nineties. And yes, it has always been a solo-project, and will stay that way for the future.

2. The mix of Post Industrial, Jazz and Prog Rock have made a very interesting creation. Where did this sound come from?

The mood and emotion music conveys is very important to me. Often I find that many different genres can conjure the same moods and vibes, but uses different methods, sounds and instruments to reach those moods and vibes. So I’m thinking, why not try to mix those different elements to create music that is more potent. So that’s what I’m doing, and that’s where the sound is coming from.              

3. How did you come to work with Adversum label?

Kim Sølve, one half of Adversum, is a close friend, as well as a partner in crime in various bands. And when he and Kim, from Neuropa, decided to start Adversum, it was a no-brainer that I should release my music there. And I will continue to do so as long as possible.       

4.  Will Yurei perform live?

No; I’m a creator not an entertainer. I don’t like playing live; I like to spend my time to create something new, rather than playing old and finished songs.

5. How would you explain the sound of Yurei to someone that has never heard you?

I’m not very fond of explaining how my music sounds, because I find it hard to describe my own music. But for “Night Vision” I probably would say something like: “It’s some kind of dark and dreamy progressive rock music with elements of various other genres”.  It’s not spot on, but I find it sufficient.  

6. Are you fond of the digital age is it good for the indie artists or do you miss the world of Proper album releases with full radio and magazine push. I think Webzines, Social media and internet is the new frontier myself...

I love the digital age as an artist! It makes it much easier to create, record and spread the music. 
Of course, one doesn’t sell as many albums due to sharing and downloading, but I’m not into this for the money. And I wouldn’t be able to create the music I make with the same efficiency and as fluent without modern technology.    

7. I don’t see a proper website site for Yurei do you feel there is a need for one?

No, at the moment I don’t feel the necessity of a proper website. I upload songs to my Soundcloud page, And news is being posted at Adversums Facebook page. But maybe I’ll make my own website in the future. 

8. What season of the year do you feel most fits the music of Yurei?

Summer! While dozing off under a clear blue sky on a hot day, floating away in some vivid reverie.

9. What 3 bands active or not would you like to work with in collab for release.. And why those 3 bands?

• Les Mystere des Voix Bulgares – Due to their bone-chillingly beautiful voices.
• The Gotan Project – Due to their expertise in mixing tango with modern music.
• Portishead – Due to their expertise in producing and creating beautiful dark music. 

10. Would you ever want Yurei to be a full band or would that erase some of the mystery and magic behind it?

No, Yurei will always stay a solo-project. But I may enlist some guests if I find it right.

11. Where do you see the next release heading musically and sonically???

I’m working on multiple new Yurei albums, all with their own sound and style. And I don’t know which one of them will be released next, as it all depends on where my waves of inspiration bring me. But I won’t say more than that for now; patience is a virtue.    

12. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts here

Thank you for the interview. Cheers!