5 New Reviews 11/3/2012

Kuolemanlaakso- Uljas uusi maailma- CD (Svart Records) 

So these Finnish merchants of Industrial black doom have come across my review realm and let me tell you if you like bands like Godflesh, MZ412, Voivod and Dimmu Borgir all mixed into a stew of chaos, power and the bleakest of occult ideals them you will be in front of this altar often. There are many Neoclassic, Folk and Heathen elements going on in this best as well. At times they have a very strong vibe of bands like Tenhi and Dorenreich flowing through them as well. Kuolemanlaakso is not a simple listen as so many styles and genres really do come past in this album. There are even gothenburg Melodic Death moments. The more I go on with this album Kuolemanlaakso has a very big Celtic Frost influence as well. I would really have to say this is as heavy as its passionate in the way the record is presented. They do leave you wanting more and can you ever really ask for more then that??

Monads- Intellectus Judicat Veritatem-CD (Ordo MCM / Aural Music)

Doom/Death is something I will not take lightly as I created it for years myself and folks if your a fan of bands like Thergothon, Dusk (USA), Ras Algethi and Evoken then this is a clear no brainer and a must own. Slower then a zombies living death and full of Molasses speed riffs and guttural and tormented vocals. Monads even adds the haunting acoustic elements of guitars and full on reverbed out vocals and synths. It sounds like an album that Peaceville or Avantgarde would have released in the mid to late 90's.  This kind of Doom is a lost art and to many its madness to listen to as it never builds past mid tempo ever. I love the Sorrow and Desperation that Monads creates. This is a wall of sonic suffering in the best way possible. Horns up high and riffs played SLOWWWWW!!!!

Forgotten Tomb- And don't Deliver Us from Evil-CD (Agonia Records)

Were early material of this band was more in the macabre side of Doom metal with this album they have added elements of Black, Prog and Avantgarde sounds more were its a mix of bands like Bethlehem, Opeth and Katatonia into the pool with the grim blackened vocals and complexity of the arrangements. The Basslines and Drums are so proggish this time out I wasn't ready for it. If your into bands like  Deinonychus and Shining (Sweden) you would want to miss out on Forgotten Tomb latest release as well. There are even what I would call gothic moments on this release but more in the way Katatonia or November Doom added them into the doom scene over the years were not talking Bauhaus here at all. They have not become Tiamat ... I can hear a lot of Paradise lost in this band as well now too. I very glad I got the time to fully listen and absorb the band on the new album before I did the review. As this as many twist and turns from earlier albums . So be aware this is no a black doom release its so much more. 


Arktau Eos- Ioh Maera-CD (Svart Records)

An Ambient Ritualistic force out of the deep frozen tundra of Finland. I Know this project has ties to the mightly Doom band Dolorian. If you like you heathen music on the occult level then this is for you. It's frightening, engaging , un nerving and brilliant all in the same moment. The loops and layers of percussion, chants and metallic tools that ebb and flow through the low end synths and bass lines makes me want to close my eyes and lay back and remember the days of yore. The live shows must be things of legends from what I read.  This style of music comes from the realm of Endvra, Lustmord, Sephiroth and Necrophorus have much in common with this.. I feel so primal listening to Arktau Eos and this is what they want without questions. Sometimes the old ways are just better and we have to remember that.

Arktau Eos- Unworeldes- Vinyl only ( Svart Records)

I'm reviewing these side by side on purpose as one is a CD release and this is a vinyl only release and I not sure why Arktau Eos has done this other then they want this to be a much more personal release as its limited to 500 copies. Arktau Eos is more about the Esoteric effect the sounds create for ones surrounds then a style or concept from all I can see and hear from both these releases. Simplicity and emotion are what play the largest role over all. Why does everything have to be more then it is. This Ritual will speak to who it should and the others will be lost. Again this is a major buy for fans of Old Europa Cafe, Dark Vinyl and Cold Spring labels...