Ajna/ Svart Recording Artist Sabbath Assembly Interview is up..

1. So with the 2nd chapter of this musical/ theatrical journey " Ye Are Gods" were have Sabbath Assembly taken thier themes for this release?

Our themes are from the Process Church of the Final Judgment – their psychological explorations in conquering fear by rooting out the seed of our compulsions, and their religious theology of reconciliation of dark and light.

2. You once again work with one the best Indie label and just as mysterious in USA Ajna Offensive. How has this partnership been and do you see it continuing?

This release is a joint project of Ajna US and Svart EU. Ajna is the ideal partner and friend who understands not only the musical direction of the band but also lives the occult aspect and contributes psychically to its public reception.

3. Sabbath Assembly again is a mix of Folk, 60 Surf/ Americana sounds and Post Rock elements all mixed in to a Show of an off Broadway event..  Its almost commercial in a very eerie manner. How would the unit know as Sabbath Assembly explain their Style to someone that has never heard it before

We don’t place any restrictions on the commercial aspect of the band. The hymns of the Church that we are interpreting are written with simple chord changes and strong melodies, so we don’t feel any reason to obscure the power of the music with unnecessary complexities. We tend to refer to the style as “devotional” – simple, moving music with a focus on the strong spiritual text.

4.The more I listen to "Ye are gods" You show reverence for both God, Satan and all the Gods of old.. Is this correct. What is the message you are trying to come across with this album?

The theological idea is that the three great gods Lucifer, Satan, and Jehovah represent various aspects of ourselves; Lucifer represents the impulse to seize the day and live it to the fullest, Satan to push to extremes, and Jehovah to bring ethics and control. Christ is the great unifier of these deities, illustrating a harmony of these impulses. So the band is presenting praise songs that equally acknowledge all four gods in order to create a more integrative approach to spirituality.

5. Your videos seem to play an important role is the over all ideal of the band. Its for  In the time of Abaddon II . It is full on many visuals. Is if for each viewer to get what they want out it or do you have a full statement for what the video means for the band?

The video for “In the Time of Abaddon II” portrays the fear of the Apocalypse, capturing the moment in which the last day is upon us. Abaddon is the Angel of Death that is currently ruling over this world, and when we die Abaddon appears to us in a terrifying form so that we might willingly give up our souls to achieve the next form. It is interesting to note that fear is the mechanism required for this submission. Do you believe in an Apocalypse?

6. Will Sabbath Assembly be touring off this album or is this just a studio creation for " Ye are gods" ?

We are absolutely touring, beginning with a performance at the Stella Natura festival in California on our album release date, September 21.

7. What are the Duo's thoughts on Social media a good tool to spread your visions to the world or a needed evil of 2012?

We can call it a necessary evil.

8. I do hear music in common with bands like Death in June, Ulver, Hexvessel, Mama's and Papa's and Coil with what you are creating are this elements that have brought Sabbath Assembly's music ideals to life?

I very much like your description of our influences. We listen to all the bands you mention, but finally in the creative process we must simply return to the idea of portraying the hymns with some notion of “authenticity” in mind. This sometimes involves releasing attachment to our favorite sounds and submitting to the will of the hymns themselves.

9. What are Sabbath Assembly listening to musically as of late?

Camel, Aerial Ruin, King Crimson, Thin Lizzy, The Devil Makes Three, Pinkish Black, Fleetwood Mac, Triumph, Waylon Jennings, and Jethro Tull.

10. If you could give a brief few lines to my reader what would you say in to the most important to a good and healthy life to mankind in 2012?

As we give, so shall we receive.
If we wish to receive something, we must give it. Therefore,
Where there is love, respond to it.
Where there is no love, give it.”

12. If there was one artist or project Sabbath Assembly could collab with musically or on written word who would it be and why?

Michael Gira

13. If there is going to be a 3rd chapter of this music journey what will we see and why?

Yes, we still have more than forty hymns to share with the world!

14. Thank you for your time any closing thoughts here.

See you on the road!