6 New Reviews 8/3/2012

A Forest of Stars- A Shadowplay for yesterday-CD (Prophecy Productions)

So again we enter the fringe realm of Black Metal, Theatrical Music, Avant Rock and Folk. A Forest of Stars are now out with there latest release and I would say if you bands like Arcturus, Devil Doll, Anathema, Emperor and Opeth then this is a territory that will sit oh so well will you. At its roots this is Black metal but with so many layers it will make your head spin several times over. A Shadowplay has a raw and majesty production at the sames time its very low fi but there are strings , pianos and so much more going on that its Gothic overtones make the band all the more interesting. They fit so very well with fell bands on the roster as well as you should know what your getting with Prophecy release nothing but the best in creativity and arrangements. As haunting and  Beautiful as Stunning and Fragile is what we have here. A Forest of stars sound as familiar as so many bands but just as distant at other times. Its a band you much witness to fully understand. Jawdropping work going on here.


Samothrace- Reverence to Stone-CD ( 20buckspin)

Just fall to your knees and thanks the Gods in the Heavens above for Samothrace. This is the most perfect mix of Post Rock and Sludge Doom ever made on this Earth.... Think Russian Circles, Nuerosis and Grief all formed a super group and were on on mission . To sonicly own your very will to rock then here it is and there is no need to look any further. Tormented Sludge vocals slow lumbering guitars that in the next moment get Bluesy and Hypnotic and Noisy all at the same time. Then back to molasses riffs that just make me want to cry out for joy and sorrow at the same time.  Reverence to Stone is just two tracks over 40 mins of Doom perfection with so much more going on. Remember the days of Peaceville, Avantgarde and Misanthropy just giving you the Doom you could not live without well its all back here but with the elements that made Ras Algethi, Dolorian and Thergothon so interesting as well. Let the Slow riff compell you ....

Oiltanker-Shadows of Greed/Crusades-CD (Southern Lord)

Hell ya circle pit time my friends this down and dirty Crust Punk meets Hardcore force is just want it is remember the DIY 90's NYC and So Cal well its all here if you can remember bands like  His Hero is Gone, Cro-mags, Assuck, Man is the Bastard etc then you get where Oiltanker is and will always be. These are anthems for the down trodden and for the squatters of the world. Fast and to the point with enough fury to rip out your organs at close range. Enough said get this and you will learn out to live again..


Brokaw-Interiors-CD ( Good To Die) 
So lets start with this its recorded at Steve albini's studio by a guy who did Pelican and Russian Circle albums and if you liked bands like Surgery, Jesus Lizard, Cop Shoot Cop or Jon Spencer Blues Explosion then you need to get this the moment your done reading the review. Its 90's Indie, Blues , Jazz, Funk and Noise Rock all into a blender server with touches Oxbow and Faith no more to make it all the more fucked up. This release full up in the manic an strange and I want more each time I listen. If Morphine was a NYC Noise rock band they would be Brokaw. I really don't have more to say other then the vocals and vibe to remind me a lot of Enablers a lot as well as its more spoken and poetic then sung.  You can hear the Rollins Band through out this as well , Jesus you get the picture I love this album and will try to review them as I just can not get enough of this album.. Damn it I want to be in this band..

Sabbath Assembly- Ye are Gods-CD (Svart/ Ajna Offensive)

Spiritual music that comes from a Prog/Neofolk/  Orchestral Indie rock elements . Sabbath Assembly is the story of Evil and Good and that is all. The battle of Jesus, God and Satan and what is to come once the dark days are over and all is unified to the side of light or holiness . If you want to know more of this read more on Process Church of the final Judgement. Band wise again its acoustic guitars, strings, simple percussion, horns . Male and Female spoke and sung vocals. If you like bands like Momma's and Pappas, The Cowsills etc its very much like this.  Ye are Gods is very religious so if you don't like that it will drive you mad. Its Gospel music but then becomes things like Devil Doll and TSO at time as its becomes rocking and orchestral as well. This is Theatrical as all can be and this is why it works so well on an album remember true concept album well this is that to the Nth degree. At times it remind me of Anthony and the Johnsons too or were bands like Spiritual Front traveled to. With there second album I'm just as impressed as the first a must have for anyone that likes very outside neofolk..

Hexvessel- No Holier Temple-CD (Svart Records)

What we have is the second album of Neo Folk/ 70's Prog rockers Hexvessel with is a huge mix of bands like Tenhi, Sol Invictus, Yes, Early Genesis , Boyd Rice etc you get a very clear focus of where this massive band is coming from. Its fronted and lead by former Code and DHG front-man Kvohst now know just under his proper name Mat McNerney. Do not be fooled in anyway there isn't a moments of metal or overly noisey music going on its mostly acoustic guitars, woodwind, horns, pianos and woodland percussion's with some very prog rock guitars , bass and drumming in the early Yes or Porcupine Tree vibe. The band calls themselves Psychedelic Forest Folk and I would say that fits the theme and the mood oh so well. If you like Jethro Tull or the Doors this very much impress you as well as there is a very again spoken word flow at times in how that band presents the lyrics. Hexvessel can and will very much rock out at time and its very cool how they do it in a fuzzed out bluesy /lazy fashions.  I would suggest checking them out if you haven't as both releases are stellar to say the least..