Special New Review June 14th 2012

Delain- We are the Others-CD ( Sensory Records)
 Reviewed by my Niece Mackenzie Morgan  Age 10

I really like the cover and i like the music the first song kinda reminds me of med evil time songs.
and the second song is really awesome..................The voice sounds like Avril Lavine and most of the songs kinda have a Adele type music. I am only ten and i think that the album was a w e s o m e.
The vocalist sound really good and there is also a really good beat to all the songs. The song" hit me with your best shot" sounds like a rock love song. i did not really like" i wan't you " but it wasn't terrible. but i really like "Babylon" and I really like "were's the blood" because the guy gives  a twist to the album. I listened to "were are the others" live version and they sound exactly the same in the regular songs if i could rate the album 1 to 100 i would rate it 1,000 I don't think a hundred's of people will buy this album but i do think thousands will buy it and I think you should also. cause they have amazing music and they will be doing a lot more live concerts so good luck.