Napalm Artist Kontrust Interview is up..

1. For those of new to Kontrust tell us a bit about the band and how you came to mix Metal, Reggae, Post Hardcore, electronic and Pop music into the Chaos that is Kontrust

we control chaos at the tips of our fingers. Seriously, we like to mix a lot of musical genres. It’s just something we do. No it’s not an option it’s a necessity. The fans expect exactly that and we deliver. Of course it gives you a lot of room for surprises as well.

2. How did you come to Work with Napalm more of a Black and Goth metal label with some stoner acts as of late??

Napalm. It’s a great match! They like what we do and we like how they work with us. It was a great match from the beginning and it’s been working really well. I guess It was the right point in time as well. We were looking for a label that would support us and work together as a team (a hard task) and they were looking for something new and fresh to take on board.

3. What is a live performance like with Kontrust is it very theatrical or just a big rock show?

Oh both. It’s basically a rock show with a lot of details. There are certain little details happening in every song that a part of our show. And of course there is the unexpected as well. Things that we just can’t plan or won’t. But it adds up to great entertainment.  

4. Do you prefer  Recording albums in studio or being out live on tour??? 

Both. You can’t really compare those two. Being on the road and playing shows is all about the drama you need to be able to control. In the studio it’s all about NO drama but still capturing that energy. We really enjoy both. Right now being on tour, it’s festival season baby!

5. How do your create your songs in the studio there are so many layers and styles all in the same song. Do you try to create it live as band or is it pain stakingly track by track and piece by piece??

There are a lot of ideas, getting them together in the right order is the trick. Then of course time for our ideas to develop and legal and illegal helpers! Working with so much passion, love, frustration and aggression all put into the music we do, we try many different approaches when it comes to writing the songs and leave all the musical barriers behind. And it the end…it sounds like we do. There is no standard rule that applies to writing songs, it all really depends on the music your confronted with.

6. Will we see Kontrust performing in USA in 2012?

Our new album “second hand wonderland” is definitely getting a lot of response from the states. Something we didn’t expect. So the future is looking bright to conquer the new world.

7.Is there a running theme on Second had wonderland?

Well it’s the wonderland each and everybody creates in their own head. We just deliver the soundtrack…ok and maybe that kick up your rear so you actually fall down that rabbit hole when your standing on that ledge, thinking about if you should jump.

8. Ive seen you have  a few  videos for the second hand wonderland album the oddest is Sock n Doll how this this amazing Idea come about? 

Oh times change and so do technologies. It’s very similar to the 50’s. Everything is done via single releases. Not on vinyl but via the internet. It of course has it’s advantages and disadvantages, but that’s just the way the industry works nowadays. In the end, it’s still only the idea that counts. That fact always remains.

9. Do you feel Social media, Youtube , Webzine and Internet radio is really the new underground or do you miss traditional radio, Proper Cds and print magazine being the major focus in 2012?

We’ve had that idea for a while (came about, of being somewhat drunk and/or different state of mind), but never the song to use it for. So when we finished sock’n’doll it was obvious that this would be the song. 

10. If Kontrust could cover just one track from any band who would it be and why?

People keep asking us that. We’re thinking of a track to cover, something really weird, something really “oh they would never do this song”. We’ll let you know that’s for certain.

11. As this tells a lot about the band what are members of Kontrust listening are there any new or very unknown bands you would like the world to check out?

Oh the styles and bands we listen to range from Sepultura to Depeche mode, from Iron maiden to bob Marley, Chick Corea, Pendulum, Skindred and so on. Gregor our bass player plays in several bands, like “Norbert Schneider”. Mike our guitar player has his side project “Monilla”

12. Your website is a very well done site do you think a good website is better then just a social media site (Facebook, Myspace, reverbnation etc) ?

Well you need both. Having a standard webpage is as important as having your band on facebook. Myspace somewhat died over the last year or two, or facebook took over. Still number one rule, spread your stuff, everywhere! 

13. Does the Earlier  material of  Kontrust from 2008-09 sound very different from Kontrust in 2012 or is it similar with just a growth in sound?

We evolved! When you play as much as we do, crossing over music like we do, you have fewer barriers to worry about. If we throw in a reggae part, it’ll be cool, unlike if a traditional metal band does it. We like to think of the fat of trying something new with every album we do, somewhat to keep us getting further and taking that extra step nobody dares to take.

14. Would you call Kontrust a Metal band ever or are you just a band that can fit with Metal or Industrial bands at the same time? Napalm seems to marketing you as Crossover what does that mean??

We don’t consider ourselves as a metal act. Crossover really does fit best and literally means what it states. We’re crossing over, different genres that is. And in the end it sounds like we do. We work great on metal festivals or rock, or even poppier ones. We’re here to supply a great show, solid performance and a lot of entertainment. 

15. Thank you for the time  any closing thoughts here

Thanks for the interview. We’ll be on tour now for the rest of the year. So be sure to check us out at a venue or festival near you! Rock on!